Gold pieces from Kyaiktiyo Pagoda falls apart due to lightning strike

Due to a lightning strike on the morning of 16 May, the Great Kyaiktiyo Pagoda trembled, making the gold pieces on the pagoda fall apart, according to the board of trustees of the pagoda.
Although the stone was not damaged, 40 ticals of gold leaves and 24 ticals of gold dust were discovered.
“The festival closing ceremony was held on 14 May. It rained heavily on 15 May, and thunderstorm lightning strikes were also heard,” said Ko Soe Thein, a resident near Mukso Mountain.
Due to a lightning bolt in 2015, seven visses of gold were fallen from the pagoda. In addition, 72 ticals of gold flakes were also crumbled due to another lightning strike on 15 May 2019. — TWA/GNLM

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