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Golden Jubilee Myanmar Health Research Congress continues into third day


The Golden Jubilee Myanmar Health Research Congress holds its third day in Yangon.

The third day session of the 50th Myanmar Health Research Congress was organized in Yangon yesterday.
In the morning session the officials held seminar under the topic of Myanmar-Korea Joint Symposium (2022): New insights to combat infectious diseases: BPaL DR-TB regimen and molecular approach to Hepatitis B.
The event was led by Deputy Director-General Dr Hlaing Myat Thu of the Medical Research Department and Prof Jae Hun Cheong of Korean Pusan National University, and Dr Sun Dae Song, Chairman of the Board of Korean International Tuberculosis Research Centre made an opening speech.
Then, Dr Maria Imelda D Quelapio, Regional Technical Consultant, LIFT-TB Project for KNCV of the Philippines exchanged viewed on BPaL DR-TB regimen and LIFT–TB project while the importance of genetic mutations of Hepatitis B by Prof Jae Hun Cheong of Korean Pusan National University, patient-centred TB care in the outbreak of COVID-19 by Prof. Jae Gook Shin of Korean Inje University College of Medicine, new DR-TB regime of Myanmar by TB Specialist Dr Zaw Myint of the National Tuberculosis Control Project and the genetic variants of Hepatitis B virus found in Myanmar and its implications for treatment by Deputy Director Dr Yi Yi Kyaw of the Medical Research Department.
In the evening session, a total of nine papers regarding basic research, applied research, social and health system researches were presented via videoconferencing and the paper readers replied the questions of online participants in the chat box of the videoconference system.
The research posters are displayed with E-poster form at and those who want to join the congress can make registration free and the congress will be held until 25 February. — MNA

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