Good infrastructures crucial for development of tourism industry

[dropcap font=”1″]T[/dropcap]he number of inbound tourists to Myanmar usually increases in the peak tourism season which is from October to March when the country has cool and pleasant weather.
Hoping for more tourists and better trading, Myanmar has opened many entry points in border areas with Thailand and China. Myanmar, China, Laos and Thailand will link up under the programme of Golden Quadrangular Tour in which the majestic Mekong River will play a key role by linking the four countries’ cultural sights.
Myanmar is an emerging country in term of tourism industry with ancient attractions in 14 states and divisions that have yet to see massive crowds, with significant potential for even more tourist attractions from the southern coastal areas to the snow-capped mountain ranges in the northern part that have not yet been developed for tourism.
However, frequent complaints from foreign visitors include expensive-but- poor services of accommodation. They are also concerned about transport and infrastructure, 24-hour electricity supply, better mobile phone networks and internet access in major cities.
In some cities, some mobile phone networks cannot be used; the public transport system is surprisingly poor; and hotel rates are high compared to neighbouring countries which are well ahead in this industry.
Although local and foreign airlines are making promotion plans to attract more travelers, Myanmar has not enough facilities to compete against many Southeast Asian countries in the tourism industry.
Data by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism showed that tourist arrivals in 2013 reached more than 2.05 million which is higher than the expected number of 2 million. To be able to maintain and to increase the digits, long-term and practicable plans with realistic implementations are required with the contributions of respective government departments.


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