Good riddance to our old mindsets and dogmatic beliefs!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Undeniably, our environment partially influences us. Though all were born with nothing in our hands, some of us reached the societies of well-to-do people, some to bourgeois families and some to poor classes. According to the status we found ourselves in, we were given different environments. However, our environment cannot be said to have decided our destiny. Much as we were born poor, our efforts can push us to a higher place in our society. In the world including Myanmar, there are men of exemplary success, who climbed up to the top-level from the bottom, in many fields. Favorable conditions in a rich family’s environment may have helped us to a certain extent. However, many became poor when their parents passed away, despite the fact that they were the best opportunities and the best education. Some descendants of wealthy families became wealthier than their ancestors. Among them, many lead their lives in peaceful and luxurious ways, whereas some would not have hesitated to do anything to get what they want.
    Nowadays, we are seeing extraordinary people from the ordinary class. Poor as they are, they are never reluctant to return very valuable things they have found to their owners. Though he belongs to an ordinary class, a young boy built up public libraries on a self-help basis, with a view to helping people around him get a chance to read and enjoy books, knowing very well that reading can develop men’s minds and characters. Very recently we read a news report about a brave and conscientious youth who risked his life to help the local police. He was able to assist in the arrest of the culprits and a huge amount of narcotic drugs were seized as a result of his selfless act of bravery. These praiseworthy persons came from ordinary families, but they may have inherited good character and sound judgement from their parents. In addition their character may have been influenced by their environments they were brought up in or knowledge and good judgment received from books they have read.
    In our communities, some are rich and very rich. Some are educated and regarded to be sophisticated. Some of the former kind tends to despise the latter kind, or vice versa. To put it simply we, parents, usually used to tell our offspring to try hard in getting education so that they can get to the top of the totem pole of society. We should be well convinced that we cannot live in peace, happiness and security with the poor and the least educated in our immediate vicinity. By nature, men long for happiness. Yet, selfishness cannot bring us to a better world. To be able to live in happiness, we need to take part in mass movements under the leadership of the current government, by contributing our individual mental and manual labor as much as we can. We firmly believe that consideration for the sufferings of others and willingness to share our happiness with others will help us in our march towards a peaceful nation. So, now is the time to say “Good bye and good riddance to our old mindsets and dogmatic beliefs.”

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