Government repatriates Myanmar woman facing hardship in UAE

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The government has been making efforts to repatriate Myanmar nationals who are encountering difficulties abroad by coordinating with the Myanmar Consulate-General and relevant embassies to ensure their safe return to Myanmar.
The Consulate-General of Myanmar to the UAE collaborated with the Ministry of Home Affairs, relevant police forces, and authorities from the Ministry of Human Resources and Citizen Interest Promotion of the UAE to facilitate the repatriation of Ma Khin Myo Htay, who faced difficulties in the UAE.
Ma Khin Myo Htay successfully returned to Yangon from Dubai on 5 June. She had been in Dubai for eight months, transferred by various agents and residing in a hostel operated by a Myanmar national before returning to Myanmar. Many Myanmar workers in Dubai arrive on visit visas arranged by agents from Yangon and Dubai, often working without proper employment visas. Consequently, they are vulnerable to exploitation by employers and agents. Language barriers, cultural differences, food, and an unfriendly work environment add to the challenges faced by Myanmar workers in Dubai.
The Myanmar Consulate- General provided necessary assistance to Ma Khin Myo Htay and obtained the exit permit for her return to Myanmar.
Ma Khin Myo Htay, who encountered numerous challenges in Dubai, UAE, shared her experience: “I come from a village in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region. I went to Dubai with the assistance of an agent to support my elderly parents. It took eight months for me to secure a job as the agents from Yangon and Dubai were searching for employment on my behalf. However, when I informed the Yangon agent that I had not found a job, he did not respond to my calls. My family from the village tried to contact the Yangon agent to bring me back to Myanmar but received no response. I struggled to live in Dubai amidst many difficulties. Fortunately, a friend contacted the Myanmar embassy, and they assisted. I was immensely relieved. I want to urge others not to go abroad without thoroughly understanding the agents and the conditions abroad. Despite facing many challenges and being unemployed, I was able to return to my country. I dread to think what would have happened if the embassy had not helped me. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the State leaders, the Myanmar ambassador, and embassy staff for ensuring my safe return to Myanmar”.
The Myanmar Consulate-General to the UAE is actively working to repatriate those facing difficulties in the UAE.
Dubai agents or employers often hold Myanmar workers’ passports in the UAE.
As the government continues to repatriate Myanmar nationals facing challenges abroad, labourers and their families express their gratitude to the State leaders. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/TMT

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