Government to supply electricity to all villages in MraukU


The Government has budgeted Ks518.75 million in the 2017-2018 fiscal year to supply electricity to all the villages in Mrauk U Township in Rakhine State by connecting to the National grid, said the Deputy Minister for Electric Power and Energy Dr. Tun Naing. The Deputy Minister made his remarks on the 15th day of the fourth regular section for the second Amyotha Htuttaw when U Kyaw Kyaw, Member of Parliament for No. 4 Constituency in Rakhine State, inquired about the plan to supply electricity to the villages in MraukU Township.

A budget of Ks774.75 million for 2016-17 FY had been requested to be added to the Rakhine State Budget to install a 400 voltage power line for 7.89 miles, 10 transformers 11/0.4 for KV capacity and an 11 KV power line for 6.55 miles to be able to supply 10 villages in MraukU Township; Shoutpon Kyunt, Panmaw, Laungkkjat, Nankya, Maungnyo Kyun, Maungsheekyan, Oakphokan, Pauktawpyin, Thikyar and Laymyosar.
The construction works are being carried out and can distribute the power from the MraukU power station when finished.
The deputy minister said the budget of Ks518.75 for the 2017-18 fiscal year has been requested to add to the Rakhine State government budget, which is required to implement construction works of a 400-volt power line for 4.3 miles, five transformers for 11/0.4KV capacity and 11 KV power line for 5.9 miles to be able to distribute six villages; Phophyu kyun, Kyauktwinkone, Zingalikone, Ywarhaungtaw, Maungtharkone and Peepinkone. Construction will commence when the budget is approved.
He said the remaining villages in MraukU Township would be supplied with electricity when the ministry’s five-year plan from 2017-18 to 2021-22, which includes installation of 66 KV power line for 15 miles from 66 KV MyaukU Power Station to Tainnyo village and one 66/11 KV 5MVA power station, a 33 KV power line for 13 miles from Minbya 33/11 KVA, 10 MVA station to Kyaetae village and one 33/11 KVMVA Station, 66 KV power line for 8 miles from 66 KV Ponnagyun-MyaukU power line to Maunghnama village and one 66/11KV,5MVA station.
The required budget will be requested next year and be implemented depending on the budget approval. U Lin Tin Htay, Member of Parliament for No 4 Constituency in Mon State questioned what the government’s plan was to compensate those who lost cultivated lands due to the power line constructions in Chaungzon township in Mon State.
The Deputy Minister said compensation of Ks 45,230,700, which was submitted to the Mon State government after being circulated, was approved on 29 April, 2016 to be able to pay 93 garden owners in Mawlamyine township and 12 land owners in Chaungzon township who lost land due to the installation of 66 KV power line.
He said the compensation has not been immediately done as the budget which has been projected in the capital expenditure for 2016-2017 fiscal year was not enough to be allocated. However, the compensation would be accomplished as the extra budget requested for 2016-17 fiscal years has been already approved.
Union Minister for Transport and Communications U Thant Sin Maung and the Deputy Minister then made an explanation for questions from Daw Than Than Aye, Member of Parliament for No. 7 constituency Magway Region, who raised the issue of whether there would be a plan to construct a concrete riverbank for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to prevent riverbank erosion in the eastern part of Panee creek in Shantat village in Minhla townsip in Magway Region. U Zone Hle Htan, Member of Parliament for Constituency No. 4 in Chin State, also asked about mobile communication plans in the western part of Falam township in Chin State. Daw Ma Ma Lay, Member of Parliament for constituency No. 8 in Shan State, asked if there would be a plan to install a power station in Theinkone village in Pindaya Township, in the Danu self-administered zone in Shan State. The Deputy Minister also answered the question of U Win Maung, Member of Parliament for No. 6 constituency in Magwe Region, that there was a plan for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to install 33 KV power line to Saline township by setting up 66/33 KV sub power station in Tanyaung 123 KV power station, 23 miles away Saline township, to access full electricity in Saline township in Magwe Region. A member of Ayotha Hluttaw Bill Committee U Aung Kyi Nyunt read the report of the committee’s analysis and findings on the draft for hand-scooped oil production, which was sent with an amendments and approved by Pyithu Hluttaw. The speaker of Amyothar Hluttaw received confirmation for each amendment section by section in the draft presented by the committee and approved as presented after getting the decision of the Hluttaw. The Amyotha Hluttaw made the decision that Transportation Draft Law should not be approved as Union Minister for Transport and Communications agreed. The Union Minister for Transport and Communications also proposed a Myanmar Coastal and Inland Water Transport License Law and Inland Water Transport Law to be approved and the speaker took decision from the MP and approved them.

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