Govt, CSOs trying to remedy loss of cabbage growers during pandemic

due to market decline and had to distribute their produce to people free of charge in some occasions.  Photo: Sandar Myo
due to market decline and had to distribute their produce to people free of charge in some occasions.  Photo: Sandar Myo

By Nyein Nyein

The government and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are working together to cover the loss of cabbage growers hit hard by the coronavirus consequences, said Secretary U Kyaw Thu of Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association (MFVP).
Since early April, the cabbage growers in Naungtayar Town, southern Shan State have been suffering losses as the market ruined, forcing them to distribute the cabbage to the people free of charge, according to the MFVP.

“The cabbages were left unharvested in the farm to decay. Having said that, we met with the growers to make free distribution to people. The CSOs contributed transportation charges. However, to cover some loss for the growers, the CSOs and well-wishers came up with idea to give back K70-100 per cabbage for the growers,” he said.
On 18 May, under the guidance of MFVP, 12-wheel truck of cabbage were distributed free of charge each in Thingangyun and South Dagon Myothit townships.
The second batch of free distribution is planned to proceed in East Dagon and Hlinethaya townships.
The CSOs and well-wishers are planning to return the contributions given by the people to remedy the loss of the growers, added he.
Next, MFVP will soon to launch e-commerce platform and people can buy the fruits and vegetable online.
Additionally, the association will arrange mobile farmers market to get fair price for the consumers and earn reasonable profit for the growers.
“At present, the Ministry of Commerce has been helping us to implement this. They provide warehouses to store the cabbage. We are trying to discuss with Yangon mayor to have mobile market trucks”, he stated.
Earlier, the cabbages were sent to Thirimingala market in Yangon. Now, the coronavirus shocks shut down the hotels and restaurants and ruined the market. The cabbage price drastically plunged to K100 from K1,000 compared to last year.
Besides, the supply surpassed the demand in market. The growers are facing financial hardships.
There are about 1,300 acres of cabbage in Naungtayar Town, southern Shan State. An acre can produce 10,000-12,000 cabbages. Now, 35 per cent of the production are damaged in the farm, MFVP stated. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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