Grab agro export opportunities by shifting to modern farming

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While COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the global supply chains, some countries are also impacted from supply shortages and trade restrictions.
Meanwhile, another kind of emergency— food insecurity— is threatening countries around the world.
In this situation, there may be opportunities for the export Myanmar agricultural products, and we should now find a chance to grab export market shares of other countries.
At the moment, there are some barriers for our farmers in farming technology and post-harvest infrastructure, such as storage and distribution facilities to improve the agricultural produce’s quality which is vital for grapping export market.
We need investment from private sector to improve such facilities and to encourage agricultural practices which can enable a sustainable market situation.
At the moment, the Union Government is supporting farmers to make sure that they have the capability for cooperative work and corporate investment. Only then can they form such farmers’ groups.
Attracting investment is high on the government’s list of priorities, but foreign direct investment in agriculture is still low.
There are many opportunities for investment opportunities in our agricultural sector, such as seeds production, producing value-added goods, modern production methods and storage facilities.
Modern processing machinery and technologies are beyond our farmers’ means.
Our country exports agricultural products, animal products, minerals, forest products, and finished industrial goods, whereas capital goods, raw industrial materials and consumer goods are imported into the country.
The country’s export sector is more dependent upon agriculture and industrial products from small and medium sized enterprises, while reducing its reliance on natural resources, such as natural gas and the mining of jade.
Our agriculture sector still depends on manual labour, but generates the lowest income per person. To grab the world’s market share in agricultural products and to create job opportunities in the farming sector, we need to shift from traditional to modern agricultural practices with the use of technology, information, and communications technology for production and marketing. This will ensure that a new generation returns to the farmland.
Agriculture will forever remain a critical sector worldwide. Hence, if we recognize the advantages brought on by the changing world, we can boost our economy while supplying food to needy populations throughout the globe.

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