Grape prices triple from farm to market

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The price of grape in the market is three times the amount charged at farms as no direct sales are taking place between cultivators and consumers, according to a report in Myawady Daily recently.
Grape cultivators are selling their fruit at Ks2,000 per viss. However, consumers have to buy the grape at between Ks6,000 and Ks8,000 per viss.
“The gap in grape prices charged by cultivators and retailers is wide. However, the grape market is cool. The fruit price has not increased this year compared to last year. In fact, it has been declining. This is not related to the fruit yield,” said Ko Hlaing Tun of Palae Vineyard in Sae Palae Gone Village, Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region.
Recently, the vineyard produced some 30,000 visses of grape per day. Cultivators have not fixed a price for the fruit.
“Traders and brokers are manipulating the fruit market. Local farmers are not aware of the price in the market, when they send the fruits to the middlemen, the middlemen pay the local farmers a percentage after selling the fruit to traders,” said Ko Hlaing Tun.
The price of local fruits is high compared to imported fruits because of the cultivation and transport costs.
Grapes are cultivated in Yamethin, Meiktila, Pyawbwe, Monywa, Magway, the Pakokku township and Shan State. Grape is cultivated on some 10,000 acres in Myanmar. Of these, some 5,000 acres are in Yamethin.
More than 3,000 local people cultivate grape in Myanmar, including more than 2,000 in Yamethin township.

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