Green gram growers suffer low prices

GREEN gram growers are being faced with difficulties because of the differences of price between the time of early harvest and the thumping harvest. During the time of early harvest, the green grams sell for K42,000 per basket whereas during the thumping harvest, the grams sell for K36,500 making a difference of K 5,500 per basket.
The fall in price can be attributed to depreciation of the US dollar and the falling gram price in Thailand. Untimely rainfall at the harvest time is attributed to low quality, said a pea merchant.
Some farmers experience better prices, fetching up to K42,000 per basket. Therefore, farmers often store their crops while waiting for higher prices. They were unable to wait any longer this year and so sold out their yields as they have to pay back loans, said Ko Paing Soe Oo selling the beans in a pea depot in Michaunggaung village.
Farmers suffer from low yield, low market price and a high cost of cultivation, he added. There are 130,800 acre of land for winter crops including 130,430 acres of green gram and 370 acres of Pe-lun variety in Thongwa Township.—Ko Kyaw (Thonekhwa)

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