Green gram prices remain bullish as foreign demand surges

green gram 22 sskm
Farming workers are plucking green gram in the farm.

The prices of green gram remain high on the back of the high foreign demand, traders said.
At present, the regular inflow of green gram is seen in the domestic market. The green gram is currently demanded by India, European Union and China. Additionally, some traders are purchasing the green gram to be exported to Thailand and Viet Nam as well.
During the first week of May, green gram price stood at K101,000 per three-basket bag. It rose to around K118,000 per bag in the May-end.
The green gram (Kayan Shwewah strain) were priced around K115,000 per bag in the first week of June.
China accounts for 60 per cent of Myanmar’s green gram exports. In addition, countries in the European Union also purchase green gram from Myanmar.
The export volume of green gram to India is lower compared to other countries. China prefers green gram Shwewah strain, said an official from the Commerce Ministry.
China makes value-added products of green gram and sends them to foreign markets. Moreover, China produces bean by-products as feedstuffs.
The country has generated $172 million revenue from green gram exports in the five-month period (Oct-Feb) of the current financial year 2020-2021.
Myanmar’s green gram exports were registered at over 330,000 tonnes in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, over 400,000 tonnes in the 2016-2017FY, and over 350,000 tonnes in the 2017-2018FY and over 300,000 tonnes in the 2018-2019FY. Green gram is mostly exported to China through the border trade channels.
Of the total pulses’ exports, green gram accounted for more than 26 per cent of the exports in the previous years.
As per green gram plantation data, there are over 300,000 acres of plantations in the country.
Green gram is primarily grown in Sagaing, Magway, Mandalay, Yangon, Bago, and Ayeyawady regions and Mon and Kayin states.  — KK/GNLM

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