Green peas, chick peas to be temporarily imported

Farmers growing green peas in a farm in Magwe Region. Photo : Soe Lin Naing
Farmers growing green peas in a farm in Magwe Region. Photo : Soe Lin Naing

By Aye Yamon Oo

Green peas and chick peas, which cannot be grown to meet the local demand, are to be temporarily imported from other countries, according to Dr Than Myint, the Union Minister for Commerce.
He made this statement at the 28th regular meeting held on 29 June at the Office of The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). Vice President 1 U Myint Swe and entrepreneurs were present at the meeting.
“We will grow more beans, which are in high demand by India, Japan, Korea and China. We have the market. At that time, the prices of the locally consumed beans, such as green peas and chick peas, will decline and local farmers will only grow those beans in high demand. So, we could not grow enough green peas and chick peas to meet the market demand. Therefore, we are planning to temporarily import green peas and chick peas from other countries. We are holding discussions with local farmers, traders and the government,” said Union Minister Dr Than Myint.
With the growing of beans in high demand by foreign countries, such as Mung beans, Pigeon peas and Green grams, local companies have applied for licenses to import green peas and chick peas for local consumption. The Ministry of Commerce has also been planning to import locally demanded beans from other countries.
“I heard that they have been planning to conduct a survey to import green peas. There are only a few local farmers who grow green peas, because they do not make high profits. We have urged the import of green peas and chick peas on behalf of local farmers, because these two beans are scarce in the local market,” said U Htay Myint, a Bayint Naung market trader.
Currently, Myanmar is mainly growing beans, such as Mung beans, pigeon peas and green grams. Mung beans are mainly purchased by India, while green gram is chiefly purchased by China and European countries.(Translated by Hay Mar)

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