Groundless accusations are not helpful for resolving Rakhine issue


Accusations without any strong evidence are dangerous, and it makes it difficult for any government to handle sensitive situations.
When the international community views the issues in Rakhine, the use of sensitive terms should be considered only after there is solid evidence.
The Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence acknowledges important steps taken by Myanmar to protect the rights of women and children. However, it is most regrettable that the Tatmadaw has been in the annex of the report based on unverified allegations in spite of Myanmar’s attempts to interview the alleged victims in the camps of Cox’s Bazar to investigate the case. The denial of Myanmar’s request for proper investigations has dashed the hopes of the Government of Myanmar.
Myanmar has made its position very clear — that it will not condone any human rights abuse. If there is concrete evidence, we are ready to take action against any perpetrator in accordance with the law without impunity.
The recent sentencing of seven military personnel to 10 years in prison with hard labour who were involved in the Inn Din incident is a clear demonstration of the Government’s strong commitment to the rule of law.
Myanmar categorically rejects the groundless accusations that sexual violence had been used as a strategy to force the Muslim people to flee their homes.
The one-sided accusations will only impact negatively on the existing cooperation between Myanmar and the United Nations, as well as the ongoing bilateral cooperation with Bangladesh in the efforts to find a lasting solution to the current humanitarian problem as well as the complex situation in Rakhine.
We call for a constructive approach and understanding on the complexity of the challenges in Rakhine State. We also seek support from the international community to help our efforts in finding a durable solution.
Myanmar hopes that the international community will constructively contribute to our efforts to advance the democratization process and promote and protect human rights in line with the country’s circumstances and needs.
We all condemn conflict-related sexual violence; we should also deplore the exploitation of this sensitive issue by certain groups as a tool to achieve their own political goals. The problem of sexual violence cannot be resolved through naming and blaming.
History, not the United Nations, will be the ultimate judge of what has occurred in Rakhine State.

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