Hail 75th Anniversary Shan State Day with prosperity


Shan, Kachin, Kayah, Palaung, Pa-O, Wa, Danu and Kokang ethnic nationals have been residing in the Shan State altogether by sharing the future since yore.
The Shan State is located on some 60,000 square miles of area in the eastern hilly area of Myanmar. The Shan State is sharing a border with neighbouring countries. The Shan State is endowed with underground and above ground natural resources as sound foundations in addition to booming border trade.
Leaders of all ethnic national people strived for independence struggles in unison with might and main. In the independence struggles, Wuntho Saopha U Aung Myat from the Shan State, other Shan Saophas and Shan nationals bravely showed off their patriotic spirit in fighting against the colonialists.
In the history of Myanmar’s independence struggle, national leader General Aung San held talks with Saophas from the Shan State and representatives in Taunggyi while making on a tour of meeting with leaders of ethnic nationals in order to regain the independence of Myanmar. General Aung San went to London in January 1947 when he held discussions with the British government to seek a guarantee for the independence of the whole of Myanmar including hilly regions.
On 7 February 1947, Shan, Kachin and Chin ethnic national leaders made a decision to cooperate with the mainland for regaining the independence in Panglong City of the Shan State. As a gesture of honouring the 7th February when the decision was made to regain the independence of the whole Myanmar without separation of hilly regions and mainland area, the day has been marked as the Shan State Day for 75 years ago.
National unity is the lifeblood for peace and stability, and sustainability of sovereignty of a country as well as a great drive for development of a country. It is necessary to remove suspicions among ethnic national brethren so as to restore perpetual peace. The improvement of socioeconomic status and safe and sound living is the keen and same wishes of the entire ethnic people.
Hence, the unity among national brethren must be built on mutual understanding and forgiveness and trust. If peace can be restored in the country one day ahead of the schedule, it will benefit the people one day earlier. That is why all the national people residing in the Shan State, as well as the whole nation, are to share their future together for the society.

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