Haka bus line losing money

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A bus from Haka city bus line stands at the bus-stop in Haka town.

The Haka City Bus Line running within Haka town, Chin state, is operating at a loss because of the decrease in the number of passengers, it is learnt.
The Haka City Bus Line was started on 1st December, 2016 with two mini buses.
Although the city buses run day and night, they only earn Ks1 million by the end of a month. The owners of Haka City Bus Line have to spend over Ks1 million on wages for the drivers and conductors plus car petrol charges.
“Currently, our buses are in good condition, so it does not require costs for repair. We are thinking of running only one bus. The passengers want the bus line to run a car every 30 minutes. But, it is quite impossible at a time when we are losing money even with two buses. The main problem is a decrease in the number of passengers,” said Salai Kyone Hean Htaung, in charged of Haka City Bus Line.
Currently, two buses are running at 7am, 8am, 12 noon, 3pm and 4pm every day.
“Actually, we are more comfortable with the bus. But the problem is only a few passengers are using the bus. So, It’s not a cost-effective business. As for me, I’d like to recommend using the bus because they are safer than the motorbikes,” said a resident from Haka.

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