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According to the Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, HAPPY means:
1. Fortunate; lucky; feeling or expressing pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, etc.: Their marriage has been a happy one. He is happy in having congenial work. He’s as happy as the day is long, very long.
2. (In polite formulas) pleased: We shall be pleased to accept your kind invitation.
3. (Of language, conduct, suggestions) well suited to the situation: a thought (idea, etc.). Happy-go- lucky: taking what fortune brings; carefree; she goes through life in a Happy-go-lucky fashion.
Happiness is the life-endowment that is most sought after by all human beings; but it can also be a most elusive blessedness if not sought after in the right and arduous, self-reliant way. Happiness should be properly understood. It is not merely a physical pleasure. Happiness is a wholesome blessedness of life that encompasses all aspects of human life such as physical pleasure, mental joy, emotional well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Happiness is a natural human right; but it must be proactively pursued with prudence, discipline, diligence, an open mind, and a generous heart.
Let us open-mindedly analyze what happiness actually means in the following manner:
H    for    Health
A    for    Adequate Income
P    for    Peace of Mind
P    for    Proper Diet & Exercise
I    for    Interest in Socio-Cultural Activities
N    for    Networking with Friends & Relatives
E    for    Engaging in Some Hobby
S    for    Strengths
S    for    Service to Others
It is said that health is the greatest gain. Without good health, life would not be worth living. Only with full health you would be able to enjoy the fruits of a productive life to the fullest extent. Ask any wealthy man which he would choose: Health or Wealth. If one can have both health and wealth, it would be much the better.
Health is something you must regularly work out with proper diet, exercise and a stable, serene mind. Health is the fruit of your insight and industry.
To be able to enjoy some measure of happiness, one must have an adequate income for a moderate standard of living. At least, one must have the head as well as the heart whether one should live and move and have one’s being in diligence and frugality, designing a rigorous life of plain living and hard struggle. A life of ease and comfort can more or less corrode the actual meaning of life.
Without peace of mind, happiness cannot prevail. Peace of mind is a very rare treasure. To be able to enjoy peace of mind, you would have to be able to withstand the following Eight Winds (Vicissitudes of Life):
*    Gain & Loss
*    Fame & Blame
*    Popularity & Isolation
*    Pleasure & Pain
For peace of mind, you would need:
*    Fortitude
*    Iron mind
*    Resilience
*    Equanimity
We all should nurture and cultivate a very strong sense of discipline and diligence in order to intelligently and properly follow the regimens of diet and exercise. We should live a balanced, moderate and temperate life.
To avoid a psychotic or neurotic life, we have got to live with the people, for the people, through the people, giving as much as possible and helping others with heart and soul. Live an open, unbounded life, with sound linkages to the external world.
You should be in touch with friends and relatives. Mix with them, talk with them and joke with them. Caring and sharing is a good recipe for happiness. Carefully take care of the needs of your dear people, and you will enjoy happiness. Happiness must be EARNED.
Have a hobby. Any worthy hobby. Engage yourself regularly in your chosen hobby. Inside-out hobby, such as open-air gardening or just discussing a subject with friends can be a healthy hobby. Or listening to good melody or listening to some Dhamma talks.
In order to enjoy happiness in life, we have got to have strengths, such as physical fitness, stamina, endurance power, patience, forbearance and steadfastness of mind. We should ardently follow: “Be strong and of good courage: be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed.”
It is said that in the recipe of service, there usually are the following ingredients:
*    Sweetness
*    Smiles
*    Sincerity
*    Spiritedness
*    Sense of charity
*    Soundness of motive
*    Selflessness
In the wholeness and soundness of an integrated life of HAPPINESS, we should strive to live and move and have our being.

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