Harmonious progress needs to meet the sustainable development goals-SDG: Vice-Senior General

The National Land Utilization Council held the first meeting at Ingyin Hall of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation in Nay Pyi Taw at 2 pm yesterday, with an address by Chairman of the Council Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win.
Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Senior General stressed that emphasis must be placed on systematic management of land resources as it is necessary to take account of land resources not only for the current situation but also for posterity so as to fulfil the needs of the people in food sufficiency, the richness of water sources, good transportation, peace and tranquillity of urban and society, growth of businesses, conservation of environment and preservation of cultural heritage.
It is important that the management of land resources must be reviewed on various outlooks such as economic, political, legal and social affairs to adopt and implement the correct and comprehensive policies, firm legal framework and capable land management and administration systems.
As the exact land utilization policies were not adopted in Myanmar in addition to the weakness of land management, land utilization problems happened among the government, the people and the investors and land disputes among industrial, mining, tourism, agriculture, forestry and urban sectors. Small- and medium-scale businesspersons faced lesser investment opportunities due to difficulties to get the adequate land area for foreign investors and unprecedented hoking of land values. Moreover, inaccuracy of data and maps on land utilization and land invasion caused disputes on permission and ownership rights between those in the management sector and the people.
It is necessary to further strengthen the cooperation in groups and individuals among relevant ministries for strategically implementing the decisions on land and natural resources in order to easily use exact and correct information with better management for land information. Harmonious progress needs to meet the sustainable development goals-SDG.
The Vice-Senior General stressed the need to scrutinize some old land resource laws and management systems to be in conformity with the current situation, to serve the interests of the people and to be fair. By overcoming the challenges, the above-mentioned measures must be amended to be systematic policies, fair laws and procedures and a new management system. If necessary, a national land law must be drawn.
The duty and functions of the National Land Utilization Council comprise the tasks to draw the national land law.
The council needs to form land utilization committees in the Union Territory (Nay Pyi Taw Council) and regions and states to effectively supervise the land utilization in respective areas and assign duty and functions for these committees.
Necessary supporting work committees must be formed in the Union Territory (Nay Pyi Taw Council) and regions and states to contribute to tasks of the National Land Utilization Council, including long term utilization of land resources, firmness of farming rights and drawing of the national land law.
The Vice-Senior General urged all to discuss processes to be based on undertakings of tasks and projects based on land utilization policies. To do so, members must be participated in the respective sectors.
Secretary of the national council Union Minister for National Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi reported on duty and functions of the council and undertakings of national land utilization.
Members of the national council and officials discussed information security for mapping system, implementation of the council’s policies, investment for land utilization, review of the national land policies and efforts for the emergence of the national land law.
Next, the Vice-Senior General emphasized fairness of existing laws and procedures related to the land for land utilization and rights in urban and rural areas in the country.
A national land law must be drawn as quickly as possible. Relevant departments and organizations need to implement clear, easy and accurate land management machinery for land utilization and farming rights. In addition, the capacity of staff from departments and organizations must be enhanced for realizing the policy, law, and procedure of land utilization.
Land utilization-related organizations such as the central farmland management body, the vacant, fallow and virgin land management central committee and the Myanmar Investment Committee have been formed for land utilization. These organizations need to coordinate with the national council, which will give appropriate guidance for necessary measures.—MNA

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