Harness diversity as a source of energy

As a country of diverse races, cultures and religions, Myanmar still finds itself grappling with challenges on its path of democratic reform to a harmonious, peaceful, prosperous society that embraces ethnic, religious and social diversity. There is no alternative but to work together and harness diversity as a source of energy for achieving peace with equality and enhancing prosperity with justice.
As State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has put it in her address to the UN General Assembly yesterday, national reconciliation for the restoration of enduring peace is second to none, given the country’s six decades-plus of internal armed conflict. The onus is on all the people across the country, regardless of their race, gender and religion, to remain committed to a sustainable solution that will lead to peace, stability and development for all ethnic communities.
Nobody should ever lose their innate sense of responsibility to remove the threat of conflict and instability by promoting understanding and trust among all communities across the country in order to ensure social and economic security.
It is better to demonstrate support for a political culture of unity in diversity, if we want to make our dreams and aspirations come true. It is time to shift our attitude to diversity from social discrimination to social integration. After all, whether our country becomes a successful multi-ethnic, multi-religious society depends on how effectively we can build our country anew with our determined hope of bringing people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds together.

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