Health and education personnel from CDM are warmly welcomed to return to their workplaces as quickly as possible for the State to have good results: Senior General

A government is a key player in carrying out the development of the country, adding that it is necessary to restore peace and stability on the political and security grounds because of existing ethnic armed organizations and varieties of political attitudes, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 5/2021 of the Management Committee of the Council at the Council Chairman’s Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
The Senior General stressed the need to unite the strengths of ethnic nationals and ethnic groups. He urged relevant committees formed for ensuring peace and stability, development and unity to forge the unity. Only when the economy, health, fitness, and education meet improvement will the country develop.
The Senior General called for producing systematic productions as it is necessary to export quality products for the booming economy. Moreover, chains of selling products should be reduced as much as possible. Only when producers and farmers sell products at correct prices will commodity prices be controlled, contributing to the growth of the economy. Likewise, declining in transport charge will contribute to decreasing in commodity prices. The Senior General pointed out that ministries need to consider real situations of the State in managing their respective sectors to prevent waste of the State finance. As such, it is sure to develop the State economy.
The government is encouraging the enrichment of fish resources in rivers and creeks and agricultural and livestock tasks for uplifting the living standard of rural people, 70 % of total population. Officials concerned need to make field trips for managing food sufficiency and urge subordinates to carry out the tasks successfully.
The country needs healthy and fit human resources in development undertakings. As such, it is necessary to control the use of liquor, cigarette, betel quid and narcotic drugs, harmful to the health of humans. Arrangements should be made for the people to consume nutritious feeds depending on their incomes. Encouragement should be given to the people to take physical exercises for their healthiness. Myanmar’s expected lifespan is about 66 years, which is less than those of other countries. Priority must be given to uplift the health sector for ensuring the health and fitness of the people. As the infectious rate of COVID-19 is high in some countries, including India, Myanmar needs to emphasize preventive measures of COVID-19. The government needs to fulfil the requirements of the people for their health and fitness. Moreover, public awareness for the health sector must be undertaken persistently.

The Senior General noted that relevant ministries must strive for improvement of the sports sector. Plans are underway to fulfil the needs for the betterment of sports grounds which plays a crucial role in holding the sports competitions.
It is necessary to seek ways and means for teachers to enjoy entitlements in conformity with their education qualification. Arrangements are being made to open the universities in early May and basic education schools in early June. So, teaching aid courses are conducted for basic education teachers. Local administrative bodies need to fulfil the needs of respective sectors. The Senior General urged them to insert law subjects into the universities’ syllabus to increase legal scholars and create chances for university students to learn business subjects for contributing to the development of the State in all aspects.

… the need to unite the strengths of ethnic nationals and ethnic groups. He urged relevant committees formed for ensuring peace and stability, development and unity to forge the unity.

The Senior General stressed the need to organize health and educational staff from CDM activities to re-join the workplaces. Some personnel continue their absence due to the frightening of social punishment if they failed to participate in the CDM and face their lack of duty. Just appropriate action will be taken against those staff who did not lead the CDM under the rules and disciplines of service personnel, and they will not be dismissed from jobs. Telephone numbers have been released for dialling them to inform the authorities about threatening against staff to join CDM. Those who threaten the staff will be taken severe action. The Senior General warmly welcomes health and education personnel from CDM to return to their workplaces as quickly as possible for the State to have good results.
The meeting approved the 4/2021 meeting minute of the Management Committee.
Union ministers who attended the meeting sought approval for undertakings in respective sectors.
Then, the Senior General stressed the need to issue citizenship scrutiny cards to eligible citizens and ethnic nationals within the period of the Pankhin project. It was scrutinized that a total of 4.6 million voters cast votes in the previous election without holding the citizenship scrutiny cards. Priority must be given to the issuance of CSC to eligible voter citizens to cast votes in the forthcoming election. Pankhin project will last 18 months for issuance of the CSC to over 3.8 million citizens. The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health and Sports are to cooperate with each other in identifying the blood groups of those citizens.
Ministries need to clarify the interests of the State and the people on running of businesses with loans, cash assistance and foreign investments to relevant countries and organizations in the meetings.
Respective ministries need to give a helping hand to reopening schools for students’ learning and turning out of educated persons in the future. — MNA

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