*    Health is the greatest GAIN.
*    Contentment is the greatest WEALTH.
*    Friendliness is the greatest RELATIVE.
*    PURITY of Mind is the greatest JOY.
Yes, Health is the greatest ENDOWMENT of life. Without good health, life would be a burden, a liability. Health is, indeed, the greatest blessedness of life. Health is the primary foundation of life. So, let us see how we can nurture, cultivate, develop, protect and preserve our health in the following manner:
H    for    Harmony Within & Without
E    for    Exercise & Diet
A    for    Active & Useful Living
L    for    Living with Beliefs & Values
T    for    Think Health & Live in Health
H    for    Hygienic Living
Our internal organs must be treated with great care, respect and value. The most vital organs such as stomach, intestines, heart, liver, kidney etc., must not be overworked by our over-indulgence such as overeating, overdrinking, sloth and torpor, lack of activities and exercise. We should take good care of our Kamma (Karma) which is the way we live and move and have our being, the state of our mind or our psychic health, climatic conditions and nutrition. We should try to banish hurry, worry and anxiety from our mind as much as possible. Try to have a strong, still and serene mind. We must also take care of ourselves externally.
External relations must be conducive to our physical and mental well-being. We should also have good, mutually beneficial win-win human relationships.
For our health, it is important for us to have clean and strong oxygenation. I mean we should try to have a good intake of oxygen for our blood to be clean and strong. So, we should regularly take some appropriate aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, jogging or dancing that will help your blood circulation to be strong and clean.
As for nutrition, we should carefully limit the intake of saturated and trans fats such as animal fats, dairy fats including cream and better, coconut milk, egg-yolk, sugar and salt. We should prefer leafy vegetables and juicy fruits to hard fried food. We should avoid smoking and drinking excessive alcoholic beverages.
Needless to elaborate, it is important for us to lead an active and useful, productive lives. We should be clearly aware that we have got to be ASSETS rather than LIABILITIES for our family and human society.
We have got to have a passionate ardor in living, moving and having our being. We should strive to stand for some beliefs and values in our lives. We should value freedom, friendship, fairness and fulfillment in our lives. We had better be done with lesser values and try to leave a legacy of loftier beliefs and values for the posterity, such as simple living and high thinking.
We should remember : ‘As a man thinketh in his mind, so is he.” If we are not heedful and always aware of the necessity of good health, we are liable to neglect the cultivation and taking good care of our state of healthfulness. We should make it our mission to BUILD AND MAINTAIN HEALTH.
Just as a sound mind in a sound body is of great value to us; we should also be mindful to BUILD A CLEAN MIND IN A CLEAN BODY. In the Bible, it is said; “+Glory the God in thy body.”

U Kyi Mun residing in Yangon is a consultant of NAING Group Capital Co.,Ltd.

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