Heavy rain a reminder to take precautions against landslides, flash floods

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  • We have seen some landslides caused by heavy rainfall, some wooden bridges getting washed away by flash floods, and erosion over the past several days in upper Myanmar.
    Luckily, the disasters were small and there were no casualties. Let us consider that a warning though.
    Most areas in the hilly regions are prone to landslides during times of heavy and torrential rains.
    The Meteorological and Hydrological Department has forecast that isolated heavy rainfall is expected in the hilly regions and states of Upper Sagaing Region, and Kachin and Chin states, with a 100-per-cent degree of certainty. It would be worth noting that monsoon is generally strong over the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.
    Residents in those areas need to be on the alert as there is threat of landslides and other risks. Caution is needed in some other areas, too, as an active seasonal rain front has caused rain to spread to the regions and states.
    Normally, landslides are mostly reported in Chin and Shan states, while floods wreak havoc and destroy paddy fields in lower Myanmar.
    It is difficult to predict exactly when and where such disasters will hit, even though such torrential rain is seen in the hilly regions, which are vulnerable to landslides, every year.
    Whether rains will cause landslides depends on the local terrain and soil conditions. The soil in hilly areas has a tendency to crumble easily when it becomes saturated, and the capital city is particularly vulnerable to landslides.
    In hilly areas, people living on mountain slopes are at risk of landslides when torrential rains fall.
    As part of preparedness, it is important to carry out landslide drills for ensuring an immediate emergency response, which includes creating a precise and strong system.
    Local authorities must monitor how residents respond to alerts and take the necessary steps to improve it.
    Meanwhile, the water in the Ayeyawady River has reached near the danger mark in Myitkyina, Bhamo, Shweku, and Katha, and the Chindwin River in Kamti and Homelin.
    The water level in Chindwin River at Homalin is expected to reach the danger mark over the next three days.
    The Sittaung River in Bago Region and Kaladan River in Rakhine State are also rising.
    People residing near rivers and in low-lying areas must remain on the alert for flash floods, and take precautionary measures.
    The readiness for effective action, administrative management, and preparedness are as important as dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.
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