Heed Weather Warnings, while following health guidelines

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The Meteorology and Hydrology Department has announced that a low-pressure area is forming in the south-east of the Bay of Bengal and it can intensify into a depression.
The storm is expected to cross the Ayeyawady Delta and Rakhine Coast of Myanmar, but the date and time it will pass through is still uncertain.
The weather system is under a 24/7 watch and it is too early to tell its track.
The best advice for the people is to listen to the official advisory that comes from reliable sources such as the Meteorology and Hydrology Department and to take our own precautions.
The most important thing is that people should not to believe the rumours related with the storm.
Early monsoon and late monsoon periods are the cyclone peak seasons for Myanmar, we should take precautions, as suggested by the weather bureau and the authorities and also follow the health guidelines in this time of the COVID-19 crisis.
As a storm in the Bay of Bengal always brings heavy rainfall and strong winds, people must remain on the alert for flash floods and landslides near hilly areas and also small rivers.
Here are some suggestions for preparedness: Stock up on nonperishable food, water, flashlights, propane, batteries of all sizes, medications and gas for your car and generator.
Collect and safeguard important paperwork documents like birth certificates, passports, deeds, vehicle titles and others you cannot afford to lose.
Know where the closest shelter is, as well as an evacuation route, if necessary. If you believe you should evacuate, leave sooner rather than later.
People need to take the initiative to clear the drains near their homes and cut branches of trees which can fall on your houses when the storm hits.
These drains will be the cause of flash flooding over the next few days. We have got to do our part and it starts from home.
Keep listening to the weather warnings from the radio and from authorities. You can also seek help from the hotline numbers: 067-3404666 and 067-3404777.
But, the onus is on us to be prepared. Prepare well and brace yourselves.

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