Heeding expert advice, acting responsibly, key to weathering a possible COVID-19 outbreak

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The Central Committee on Prevention, Controlling and Treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19 disease has requested donors, including the public, business groups, civil society organizations and partner countries, to donate cash to the committee, as it scales up efforts to control and prevent the spread of the infectious disease.
This announcement came after State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her recently televised message, said that a fund for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 will be raised with public contributions, urging the people to make contributions to this fund.
The government is focusing on long-term national interests, while taking measured steps to meet the needs of the prevailing situation.
The global epidemic is testing the ability of the country’s people and the government to respond to a large-scale public health crisis.
In fact, in this time of crisis the government needs not only cash contributions, but also cooperation from the people by paying heed to the advice of experts.
To carry out preventive and control measures, finance is the key to everything, including how effectively we can take public health precautions during this health crisis.
We, with our partners, are acting now, catalyzing change and scaling up high-level commitments for the long haul, so that collectively we leave no one behind.
The people, in turn, should remain calm and avoid panic-buying, as the country has sufficient food to feed the people. But instead of panicking, the best thing people in the country can do to brace for the threat is heed the advice of the health authorities.
The measures that people should take include following simple health precautions, such as frequently washing one’s hands, avoiding people who are sick and not touching one’s mouth, eyes and nose.
Meanwhile, it is recommended that the public does not believe misinformation that is being sent through social media about coronavirus. Relying only on credible sources, such as official sources, including the Ministry of Health and Sports and the Ministry of Information, is paramount and will only become more critical in the event of an outbreak in the country. So think twice before hitting the share button.
The coronavirus is coming. That’s concerning, no doubt — but we can weather a possible crisis by following expert advice and acting responsibly.

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