Help law enforcement forces combat trafficking in persons

Relevant authorities and law enforcement forces are striving to the prevention of the cases related to trafficking in persons in Myanmar while mentally and physically providing necessary assistance to victims of human trafficking.
The government has formed anti-human trafficking bodies as well as has enacted the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law. Likewise, the Myanmar Police Force under the Ministry of Home Affairs is formed with many branches and departments including the Anti-human Trafficking Police Force.
In order to eliminate the cases of trafficking in persons and give a helping hand to the victims, the government is striving for conducting surveillance and monitoring the human traffickers along their routes of trafficking the males and females of Myanmar outside the country. In this regard, the authorities and members of the Anti-human Trafficking Police Force in cooperation with relevant organizations and dutiful citizens expose a large number of human trafficking cases on a yearly basis.
Even though they could not expose all the cases of trafficking persons, they could help most of the victims escape from lives of victims. Moreover, relevant ministries assist in the rehabilitation of those human trafficked victims with necessary aid. As such, those victims could safely rebuild their brighter lives.
The United Nations on Drugs and Crime marks World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July every year as part of raising the awareness of global peoples in combating the trafficking in persons. It is because technology allows these criminals to operate internationally across jurisdictions and evade detection with greater ease.
Traffickers use social media to identify, groom and recruit victims, including children, e-mails and messaging services are used for the moral coercion of the victims, and online platforms allow traffickers to widely advertise services provided by victims, including child photographic material.
Future success in eradicating human trafficking will depend on how law enforcement, the criminal justice systems and others can leverage it. In this regard, prevention and awareness-raising activities on the safe use of the internet and social media could help mitigate the risk of people falling victim to trafficking online.
Everybody wishes to live peacefully. Human traffickers are a common enemy of all people. Hence, people need to contribute to law enforcement bodies, especially the body to combat trafficking persons for ensuring the safety life of people and their children. Indeed, legal action is waiting for handing down severe punishment to human traffickers without fail.

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