High operational costs, decreasing fish prices affect fishing boats offshore Taninthayi Region

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Fishing trawlers seen in Myanmar water offshore Taninthayi Region. photo : Myint Oo (Myeik)

Fishing boats operating offshore Taninthayi Region are experiencing high production costs and declining fish prices.
The fishing season in the Myanmar sea has been open for catching fish since July. At the beginning of the season, fishing boats are facing high costs due to elevated fuel prices.
“When the weather is bad, costs are incurred, and with high oil process and low fish prices, businessmen face challenges in sustaining their operations due to the increased business costs,” stated an entrepreneur.
Many buyers in Thailand are purchasing fish from the Myanmar sea at lower prices. Entrepreneurs have reported facing challenges due to fluctuation in the baht price.
Due to lack of standard fish market in Myanmar, fish caught in Myanmar’s waters are primarily sold in the Thai market.
Reportedly, there are approximately 1,500 offshore trawlers in Taninthayi Region. — Myint Oo (Myeik) (IPRD)/KZW

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