High-rise buildings stretch in never-ending line in Yangon

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High-rise buildings are stretching in never-ending line in the aerial view of Yangon. Unlike in the past, there has been a gradual increase in the number of high-rise buildings in all parts of Yangon. Some high-rise buildings are newly-built ones, but some are under construction. The construction projects are facing difficulty in going on regular operation during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, but they are making concerted efforts to complete as scheduled.
If some highest high-rise buildings in Yangon are mentioned, Diamond Inya Palace Yangon is currently the tallest high-rise building among those in Yangon. The 34-storey high-rise building is located in U Tun Nyein Street, Mayangon Township, Yangon Region, with 122 meter in height and 376 rooms. It provides a wide variety of activities such as swimming, and it is built meeting with international standards. It has eight lifts for dweller use purpose and other two for carrying things. It has other three lifts for car parking. The cars can park on the first floor to the fifth one, and these car parking spaces can hold 500 vehicles at the same time.
This high-rising building is neither near nor far from the downtown Yangon, and it is also near Yangon International Airport, and it is a crucial place as well. It is currently the highest high-rise building not only in Yangon but also in the whole country. Committee for Quality Control of High Rise Building Construction Project (CQHP) said the construction contractors are not allowed to build more than 34 storeys nationwide.
The high-rise buildings are not allowed to be higher than 34 storeys in the entire country. In Yangon, the 34 storeys have been the highest until now, and the high-rise buildings must not be higher than Shwedagon Pagoda, that is, the buildings must not be higher than 417 feet. Construction permit comes after inspection of soil condition and zone in Yangon. The CQHP is empowered to inspect the buildings with 12 and a half storeys and above and Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), the buildings with 12 and a half storeys and below. The YCDC has to inspect the 12-storey facilities first, and then they are to be sent to the CQHP for further inspection.
The second highest high-rise building is situated on Yankin Street in Yankin Township, Yangon Region and its name is Golden City. It is like a complex, and it has four high-rise buildings. They have 33 storeys each and 118 metres high each. They have hotels, business centre, shopping mall, cinema halls and apartments. They are situated in the place neither near nor far from Yangon, and they are also in the major place. All four high-rise buildings were built by Singapore-based ETC. The construction began in 2015 and its Phase I was completed in 2016 and Phase II in 2018. They are condominium.
The third highest high-rise building is Lotte Hotel on Pyay Road in Hline Township, Yangon Region and it is just 5 metres far from Shwedagon Pagoda. It is situated in the west of Inya Lake and the north of Shwedagon Pagoda. It is 104 metres high with 29 storeys and 343 rooms. It has a big hall that can hold more than 600 people where international meetings, business seminars and receptions can be held. There are international class hotel rooms for foreign tourists and business entrepreneurs, and one can view Shwedagon Pagoda and beauty of Inya Lake. It was built by the business consortium, also known as Korea-based Lotte Group and its design looks new and novel. Korean cuisines are available, and it is a good place for Korean audiences, and it provides a wide variety of activities, including swimming, recreation and restaurants. It is one of the best places for celebrating State ceremonies and wedding receptions.
Another similar one is Sedona Hotel on Kaba Aye Pagoda Road in Yankin Township, Yangon Region. It is situated at the corner of Kaba Aye Pagoda Road and Sethmu-1 Street. It is 104 metres high with 29 storeys. It has 420 rooms facing Inya Lake. It is not far from the downtown of Yangon, and one can go there in a short time. Seminars, meetings, workshops and receptions can be held there, and there are also small shops. It provides activities, including swimming and it has international class hotel rooms as well. Now Myanmar Plaza and Melia Hotel are in the near locality of Sedona Hotel. This place can be regarded as the development community of Yangon.
One more high-rise building in Yangon is Kabaraye Executive Residence Yangon. It is situated on Nagayon Kyaung Street of Kaba Aye Pagoda Road. It has 29 storeys and was designed by Japan-based M’S Group. It is comprised of shopping centre, residences and car parking. There are swimming pool, sports hall and playground. It has six lifts—three for the shopping centre and the rest for residences—the areas of residence range 1,200 square feet to more than 4,000 square feet.
Additional high-rise buildings in Yangon are 27-storey M Tower, 27-storey Thanlyin Star City, 27-storey Paragon Residence Yangon and 27-storey Myanmar Plaza. There are also high-rise buildings under construction. If all high-rise buildings are completed, the skyline of Yangon will see changes. Yangon, the commercial city of Myanmar, has the highest number of high-rise buildings and it will point out the development example like the major cities of the world. Although all construction businesses are facing difficulties during Covid-19, they are stepping up measures to finish as scheduled. As the number of high-rise buildings is increasing, they need practical measures such as quality control and inspection in the construction processes.
The organization concerned officially recognizes just laying the foundation by pile-driver when a high-rise building starts construction. E-test is needed for designing a high rise building. Ordinary laying foundation is not allowed at all. It is learnt that laying the foundation by pile-driver can withstand the earthquake. Quality control, safety and fitness are given priority when high-rise buildings are constructed these days. Inspections are carried out phase by phase to meet with the international norms.
The places intended for the construction of high-rise buildings in Yangon have been divided into zones. The construction of high-rise buildings has been restricted in six downtowns, Sangyoung, Bahan, Kamayut, Dagon, Mingala Taungnyunt, Yankin, Tamway, Kyimyindine, Ahlon and Mayangon among 33 townships. The restrictions are aimed at systematically constructing high-rise buildings and not harming the environment. These restrictions are worth-carrying out measures.
Other high-rise buildings and hotels are going to emerge one after another in Yangon in the future as global businesses, and foreign investments are concentrated. At the same time, it is also required to create green areas in Yangon for enabling the public to spend resting and enjoying themselves. Only then Yangon is going to appear as a pleasant city full of high-rise buildings.

Translated by Htut Htut (Twantay)

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