High sugar prices remain unchanged


In Yangon market, most of the commodity prices are high but the sugar prices remain unchanged.
However, the sugar prices are on the rise and they are stable at that rate, said sugar purchaser Ko Aung Tun.
On 27 July, the well-known local brand sugar price was K2,230 per viss while K2,450 per viss of Thai white sugar and K2,600 per viss of refined sugar.
The sugar sold in Yangon at K2,230 per viss in Yangon is priced K2,150 per viss in the Mandalay market. The sugar mills are concentrated in upper Myanmar and they trade based on Mandalay. The transportation charge from Mandalay to Yangon is K100 per viss and K70 per viss by train. Other brands are sold at the same prices.
The leftover sugar of last year was sold at proper prices recently, said a miller. The sugar mills will grind the sugarcanes by the end of this year and the new sugar will enter the market and the current sugar prices can change within four months.
The sugar price was below K1,000 per viss as of mid-January 2021. The prices were high month-on-month. The sugar was priced at K2,000 per viss in mid-January 2022 while K2,150 per viss in early May and K2,230-2,240 per viss on 14 June. These prices remained unchanged for over one month in the Yangon market.
The wheat flour price is K130,000 per bag. It was K1,500 per viss of wheat flour last year but K3,400 during this year. It was K2,100 per viss last year and K2,500 per viss this year, said a snack seller from Dala.
At the shopping centres, a 400-gramme sugar bag can be bought at K850 per bag. The instant sugar packs can be seen there. A K200 sugar bag can be bought in the market.
Although the sugar prices are high, the sellers sell small sugar packs for the consumers. — TWA/GNLM

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