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We are honored the State acknowledges us; it raises our morale

The Htein Bin fire that burned for days in Hlinethaya Township was successfully extinguished with the combined efforts of different parts of civil society. This combined effort proves that unity can overcome any and all challenges and obstacles. State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi recently publicly commended all personnel, organizations and donors involved in handling the Htein Bin fire.

The following is a series of interviews with some of the people who were involved in combating the Htein Bin fire.

U Myo Win (Director of Yangon Region Head Fire Department)“We are overjoyed the State Counsellor commended us. We are honored the State acknowledges us. It’s like a power boost to our men. We will continue working harder. It was because of all the people involved in handling the situation that we were successful and so I would like to thank all of them for their cooperation. It is with their collective strength that we were able to completely put out the fire.”

Police Lt-Col Yu Naing (Yangon Region Police, Auxiliary Unit)
“We were with the firefighters since the first day. It’s one of our duties to serve the people and I’m overjoyed that the State acknowledges our efforts. I believe it was the efforts of the various members that contributed to this success. Myanmar Police will collaborate with the people in the future as well.”
Dr. Aung Myint Maw (Deputy In-charge of Department of Environmental Conservation and Cleaning, YCDC)
Our staff were working with the firefighters since the fire began on 21 April. Furthermore we were also involved in the gas emission monitoring operations after the fire was extinguished. It was due to our combined efforts that we were successful and I am immensely happy that the State has acknowledged us.”

Deputy Director U Ko Ko Soe (Department for Researching Firefighting and Raising Awareness of Fire Safety)
“We were able to put out the Htein Bin fire due to the combined efforts of the firefighters, military personnel, police officers, the Red Cross, the different departments, and the public themselves. The support from various organizations was very helpful for the firefighters. I am honored the State acknowledged our combined efforts. This must be a historical moment for the fire department as well. The State Counsellor’s praise not only washes away our fatigue but also gives us strength. We will endeavor harder to serve the people and fighting fires.”


By Zaw Gyi (Pa Ni Ta)
Photo by Pe Zaw

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