hope for the best — President pledges to assist in reconstruction of landslide-hit Mawchi

Aid from the government and donors has reached landslide-hit Mawchi.
Aid from the government and donors has reached landslide-hit Mawchi.

PRESIDENT U Thein Sein pledged to the people of landslide-hit Mawchi, Kayah State, that he would strive to restore the town to normalcy.
During his visit to relief camps at religious buildings and schools in Mawchi yesterday, the president also promised to assist migrant workers  to return home and to assist in the revitalisation of the economy and to supply food to the area.
The union government will also assist the Kayah State government in rebuilding the town, he added.
The president distributed aid to the victims during his visit.
President U Thein Sein also stressed the need to carry out mining in the state without damaging the environment.
Local authorities are providing assistance using vehicles from the Myanmar Defence Services to transport migrant miners from lead mines in Mawchi back to their homes.
Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing also promised that the military would provide assistance to rebuild the town, calling on local people to fully cooperate with the local government and the military.
The official death toll following the landslide has reached 17, while another six people are feared dead.
Around 60 houses were destroyed, and more than 360 people have been displaced by the landslide, which occurred in a mountainous area between Mawchi Taung Paw village and Lokharlo village on 10 and 11 October.
Local authorities have also relocated more than 2,000 people living in areas that are at risk of landslides to relief camps.

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