Hope from by election

Ko Zaw Latt, Mongshu

Daw Hsu Mon Kyaw, a local resident of Kengtung, Shan State, was interviewed on her opinion concerning the recent April by-election. “The by-election was held in Kengtung Township constituency (2) after the Regional Hluttaw Representative elected in 2015 passed away,” she answered.
“Of course all the candidates who participated in the by-election promised to work towards regional development, and the elected U Samuel Shan from the Union Solidarity and Development Party is no different.
I think the elected representative will try hard for the region’s benefit since he got elected because the majority of the voters believed in him.”
When asked if the local residents were interested in the by-election she replied, “There are people who are interested as well as those who not so concerned. A survey from Kengtung Commission stated that only 50 per cent of eligible voters cast their votes, meaning only half the people had any interest.”
“I think there is some significance from the result of the by-election since people have immediate access to results from the voting booths and its everywhere on social media too so I think there is significance to it.” When asked about her thoughts on the election campaign, “A lot of the political parties conducted campaigns, some even held talk circles. I feel whoever got elected will work for the regional development since that seems to be the common agenda of all the candidates.”
“The primary focus in Kengtung was whether the NLD or the USDP will win. People were most interested in these two parties.” When asked on whether election in the constituency was based on party image or the candidate’s image she answered, “Most of the local residents here honest and simple so I do see that they vote for the party if there is good persuasion.
For us, we have no preference towards any political party or person but rather which candidate can best support the region and its development so for me I would say I voted for the person. I think the candidate won because there was trust for the candidate.”
When asked about her thoughts on the 2020 election Daw Hsu Mon Kyaw replied, “The people are more experienced when it comes to elections so in the 2020 elections I think everyone will carefully consider the different options and choose the party that can best fulfill the needs of the people.”
“The recent by-election was not so distant from the 2015 elections and voter education is more widespread so I think there will be free and transparent performances from the elected candidates.”—Ar Byae (alias) U Aye Maung

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