Hopes from by-election: land, rights, health, jobs, parking

P2By Interviewer: Min Thit,  Zaw Gyi, Nanda Win, Nay Lin, Photo: Nay Zaw
Myanmar News Agency interviewed the people in the constituencies on the election candidates that participated in the by-elections held on 1 April 2017

Khu Bya Re (Khawthamaw village, Myoma village tract, Pruhso Township, Kayah State)
Elected representative is expected to resolve the land issue in the State as well as the affairs of the locals. During the campaign period, candidates said they’ll do the best they can on these matters. Lack of road links and scarcity of water are the main issues of the region that are expected to be resolved too. As a local people, I will help what I can in what the elected representative do for regional development.

U Tin Tun (Ward 3, Ywalut Village, Chaungzon Township)
I have no party affiliation. I like the spirit of the elected representative and voted for him. He had undertaken regional development tasks before. Now that he is the elected representative, I expect him to work for the people’s requirement at least 75 per cent if not 100 percent.

Ko Tin Min Oo (An Township)
All the candidates participating in An are good. Dr. Aye Maung is a reliable person in Rakhine State. In the past, he represented local ethnic affairs well. Now that Dr. Aye Maung is the elected representative he is expected to look after the affairs of the Rakhine State. Previous representative looked after development matters in An. Dr. Aye Maung is also expected to look after An too.

Ko Maung Gyi (Ward 8, Dagon Myothit (East) Township, Yangon)
Even though I voted for the Previous representative, the representative never looked after the township. I hope this representative look after the township. Healthcare is poor in our township. The drains are not flowing and there are many mosquitoes. There are many cases of dengue. I want the elected representative to handle these matters effectively.

Daw Moh Moh Naing (Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region)
Rule of law is lacking in Hlinethaya Township.
This is the main issue to be
handled. The scarcity of pipe water is also something that needed to be looked into. Our township also has the problem of squatters that are fire hazards. Low cost housing should be allocated for the genuinely poor and needy people. Education aid materials are also lacking in the schools.

U Mya Thein (Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region)
Working drains are required. Garbage thrown indiscriminately is health and fire hazard. Properly managed garbage disposal system is needed. Water is important for health and piped water is a requirement. Usage of motorcycle in township should be allowed if possible in order to ease the travel of locals who are mostly at the grass root level.

Ko Pho Phyu (Kawhmu Township, Yangon Region)
Agriculture is central in Kawhmu. Development in agriculture and educating the farmer is the main thing need to done. Rule of law is also poor. Because it is a poor township, there are no factories and industries. People work in other region or abroad due to lack of job in the township. If jobs are created in the township, we can work without living apart from our families. I believe the elected representative will look into these matters.

Ko Moe Min Zaw (Kyimyindine Township, Yangon Region)
Our township needs a proper car parking system. A five storey building had about 10 cars and there isn’t enough parking place available. This problem needs to be solved. It is understandable that there will be road side seller. But in some streets the vendors are blocking up the road and there isn’t even enough space to walk. Proper place should be allocated for them.

U Aye Thein (Hline Township, Yangon Region)
Even the side roads in our township are good. But the problem is the drain. Because of blocked drain there are more mosquitoes than in the past. This is not good for health. This matter should be looked into urgently.

U Htain Lin (Dagon Myothit) Seikkan Township No 94th Ward, Yuzana Housing Estate
We cast votes in favour of our trustworthy candidate. We hope for the betterment of all. We expect for our elected Hluttaw representative to fulfill the needs of people, such as building roads and sewage canals and etc,. It is enough for all of us if we can live in peace and stability.

Daw Su Su Naing (dependent) (Kamayut township, No 1st ward, Aung Hla Yeiktha Street)
Primarily, we want commodity prices to be adjusted. It is necessary for our representative to listen to needs and voices of the people so that they can serve the benefits of the people. Thus, they will become the people who will coincide with our beliefs. For the time being, we want commodity prices slump down. Performances and deeds of our Hluttaw representatives are concerned not only with us but also with the lives of future generations, hence the hope for much progress more than now.

U Kalar (Dagon Myothit) (Seikkan Township, 94th ward, C 14th road)
Being the one for the country, a Hluttaw representative is a good one. But, it will be better if they can create job opportunities for the grass-root people, thence if they can make better communication, it will be better for us. We dutifully cast votes for. The representatives are responsible to serve the people, in turn.

Daw Myint Myint San (seller) (Ahlon Township) Sinmin Quarter, Sinyaykan Street
We want our elected representatives to fulfill the needs of the people from their respective constituencies, by observing and listening to their voices. We believe they will know more than us. Now, in our ward, there are sewage canals being enlarged. Further parts of the town needed to enlarge canals need to be done.
Presently, commodity prices are rising up. We, being sellers, know more than others, as regards prices. If prices are continuing to rise up like this, it will be very difficult for us. We want commodity prices to be adjusted to the considerable extent.

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