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Hopong Township provides free screening for COVID-19

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The Covid test is underway in Southern Shan State.

With the aid of RDT test kits, free screening for COVID-19 virus was provided to local people at MyoU Quarter, MyoU Kwatthit Quarter, and Western Quarter in Hopong Township, southern Shan State yesterday morning to reduce the rate of the pandemic infection as soon as possible, officials said.
To help local people in the township and reduce the incidence of the virus, officials used vehicles to provide screening for COVID-19.
Screening for the COVID-19 virus was carried out by Township General Administration and Public Health Departments, and departmental staff and the Red Cross members and volunteers provided necessary assistance.
Screening activities are documented by officials followed by measuring body temperatures, blood pressure, and monitoring oxygen levels. — Hopong (IPRD)/GNLM

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