Horse cart riding to provide two more trips in Inwa

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Horse-cart drivers wait the passengers to get around the ancient city of Inwa. Photo: Aung Thant Khine

The horse-drawn carriage ride throughout Inwa is popular and mostly used by the tourists. The charges of horse cart riding in Inwa are planned to increase to K15,000 on 1 August, to provide two more trips according to U Tun Shwe, head of Inwa horse cart gate.
“Previously, a horse cart taxi took K10,000 for two passenger seats. Although the charges will increase to K15,000 for two people, they will add two more trips for three hours. Additionally, if the horse ride tour taken an extra thirty minutes than the set three hours, they will take K5,000 for extra charges. The horse cart ride is charged K15,000 either on full trip tour or part of trip. They already notified this information to the respective department and the tour agencies”, he said.
The previous trip plans included Me Nu Oak Kyaung, Bagaya monastery, Nanmyint tower, and YadanaHsemee Pagoda and now the Leaning watch tower and Win Gabar Pagoda will be added. The horse carts are mostly hired by the tourists except Chinese tourists.
“Most of the Inwa people earn their livings as horse cart driver, farmer, mason, carpenter, and other. We have two horse carts and earn K10,000 per time. We hired the horse cart driver for one horse cart and paid K3,000 for whole day”, he added.
At present, only 20 horse carts have passengers, but there are 180 rounds per day during high season.
“The horse cart riding in Inwa can give the strange experience and it is the best way to get around the ancient capital. We can feel the natural beauty of Inwa with its fascinating monasteries and pagodas. The ancient city and horse carts can be marked as the trademark of Inwa” said, Ma Hnin Hnin, a traveller. Ava, now called Inwa, was the old capital of Myanmar for more than 400 years which is located in TadaU Township of Mandalay Region. Inwa is well-known as the cultural heritage zone with its archaeological sites.—Aung Thant Khine

(Translated by La Wonn)

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