Hostile attitude towards Myanmar will not contribute to peace and harmony

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  • While we are trying to solve the issues of Rakhine State in good faith through bilateral cooperation, it is most regrettable that instead of fulfilling its commitment for repatriation of the displaced persons as agreed upon in the bilateral agreements, the Bangladesh side has been deliberately making excuses to stall the repatriation process.
    Bangladesh has been distorting the facts and telling the world that Myanmar is not willing to accept the return of the displaced persons. Bangladesh is altering the truth and vilifying the government and the people of Myanmar to solicit international condemnation and to exert maximum political pressure on Myanmar. We need full and sincere cooperation of the Government of Bangladesh if the repatriation process is to be successful.
    When it comes to human rights abuses and violations, we should not forget the fact that the current humanitarian problem was the result of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) terrorist attacks on 30 border guard posts in northern Rakhine. The root cause of the latest crisis and the brutal killings and atrocities committed by the terrorists on innocent ethnic Hindus, Rakhine Buddhists and other minority tribes was conveniently ignored by the western media.
    We are seriously concerned that Bangladesh is unwittingly allowing extremism to rear its ugly head in this part of the region. ARSA is already having a foothold in the camps, and soon it will become a stronghold of terrorism and extremism. Recently, on 9 May, a group of four to six terrorists reportedly entered one of the refugee camps in Balukali and dragged 46-year-old Mohamed Faisal Ulhaq out of the camp and stabbed him to death. It was reported that he was advocating for return of IDPs to Rakhine among fellow displaced people in the camp. We will continue to implement the recommendations of the Kofi Annan Report to the fullest extent possible in line with the situation on the ground to bring long-term peace, harmony and development to the people of Rakhine.
    The international community, including the United Nations, should work together to create an environment conducive to restoring peace, harmony and development for all people in Rakhine State. Hate narratives that promote deep rooted mistrust should and must stop.
    Bangladesh should cooperate fully with Myanmar in sincerity in the implementation of the bilateral agreement for repatriation of displaced persons. We are confident that we will be able to solve the present humanitarian problem and long-term peace and development of Rakhine State if Myanmar and Bangladesh work hand in hand with the spirit of mutual respect, genuine desire to help the displaced persons and the spirit of good neighborliness.
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