Hotels in Sagaing Region hosted over 200,000 guests in 2019


More than 220,600 tourists and domestic travelers stayed at hotels in the six tourism zones of Sagaing Region, said U Aung Thu Oo, head of the region’s Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.
There are 46 hotels in the six tourism zones of Sagaing Region: Sagaing, Monywa, Shwebo, Katha, Kalay, and Khamti. A total of 192,073 local visitors and 28,548 tourists stayed at those hotels.
The number of local guests was registered at 15,576 in January, 14,597 in February, 16,130 in March, 15,019 in April, 14,618 in May, 13,616 in June, 16,790 in July, 14,579 in August, 15,499 in September, 19,245 in October, 18,140 in November, and 18,270 in December, according to data provided by the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.
Tourist arrivals in those zones were pegged at 3,836 in January, 3,564 in February, 2,994 in March, 1,374 in April, 1,489 in May, 1,058 in June, 1,459 in July, 1,913 in August, 1,624 in September, 2,401 in October, 3,936 in November, and 2,900 in December,
“Sagaing Region has witnessed the construction of more hotels to provide accommodation to the increasing number of tourists and local travelers in the region year over year. In addition, there are still more hotels which are under construction,” said U Aung Thu Oo.
Local pilgrims mostly flock to Zalon Taung and the reclining figure known as the Alaungdaw Kathapa in the region. Those places are crowded with pilgrims during the high season. — Win Min Tun (Translated by EMM)

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