Hotel’s recycled soap to go to charity

IMG 0992 72RECYCLING soaps produced by Sule Shangri-La Hotel will go for a charity under the Soap for Hope programme with the aim of enabling hygiene by providing access to soap to people in need, said Daw Ma Ma Naing, director of human resources of the hotel.
With the technical support of Sundara, about 50 members of hotel staff participated in the production process to salvage the hotel’s half-used soap slivers and turn them into new soaps, with the organizer planning to offer those recycling soaps to Panita Rama monastic education school in Insein Township in Yangon.
This is the second time the hotel manufactured reprocessing soaps for charity.
Daw Htar Htar, programme director of Sundara, said the Soap for Hope programme started in Myanmar two years ago to reduce the prevalence of hygiene-related diseases through simple hand washing, distributing recycled soaps to communities that have no access to soap.
Helping hotels reduce waste by turning used soap into something useful again is one of the core objectives of the programme.
Redistributing the unused sanitation products from hotels can save lives around the world.
According to a global survey, over 7 million children die each year from diseases that can be prevented with simple hand washing. And every year, a typical 400-room hotel generates 3.5 tons of solid soap waste.
Daw Ma Ma Naing said the hotel could manufacture over 1,000 solid soaps from the 78 kilograms of soap waste produced from the hotel.—Aung Thura

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