How do parents manage during the summer vacation for children

  • By Maung Sein Ei
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People make their day at the Chaungtha Beach.  Photo: MNA

Matriculation students are going to sit for the exams on March 6. Students from Basic Education Schools have already finished their final examinations. Summer holidays have already begun, letting their parents take a rest for a while after taking pains of alternate sending their children between private tuition classes and schools. But all students are not free on summer holidays. Some parents have already enrolled their children on a three-month course for the coming academic year.

Letting children take a rest for a moment
Students who have finished their final examinations should be allowed by their parents to take a rest for a certain period of time. Children have to ply regularly between private tuition classes and schools from the beginning of the academic year.
They could not take a rest at night; even on Thadingyut and December holidays they have to run between private tuition and roundtable classes. Suffice to say, they have gone through with their classes mentally and physically. That is why they should be given to take enough time to rest for a week or two.
They must be allowed to watch movies, play computer games and have a chat with friends. Excessive activities must be supervised by their parents.
Tours for leisure and recreation
Occasional visits to beaches should be arranged for them depending on the incomes of their parents; family recreational visits are beneficial; recreational tours should be arranged by sending them to pagodas and prominent places. By sending them to these places, they tend to get a chance of getting historical backgrounds of these pagodas or places. For instance, sending them to Bagan will come to know about the history of successive ancient Myanmar kings. They are in a position to examine the mentality of Myanmar kings. In the same way, they could visit the Myanansangyaw and Kanbawzathadi palaces so that the tours for the students are highly beneficial.

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Family members enjoy playing at the shore of Changtha beach.  Photo: Phoe Khwar

A visit to grandparents
Some children haven’t got a chance of meeting their grandpa and grandma. Because they have to get along with their parents in towns where government offices and businesses are located. That is why they should be sent to their grandparents in villages to make acquaintance of their relatives. They would also get a chance of paying respect to their grandparents and gaining knowledge of villagers’ lifestyles. Travelling tends to make them fresh in mind and body. They would feel renovated after a long journey.

Allowing for meritorious deeds
It is never easy to become a human being. So it is an opportune moment for the students to become sons and daughters of Lord Buddha. Some students want to join the meditation center; some want to become novices and nuns. Their wishes should be fulfilled. If allowed to join the meditation center, to let them become novices and nuns, they are sure to get a chance of practicing the doctrines of Lord Buddha.

Taking a complete rest
During our young days, we had to watch plots of farmland during summer holidays. After daybreak, we went to the farmland with lunchboxes to prevent animals from eating crops and also from thieves. While watching the farmlands, we had a chance of reading under shady trees.
Eating plum fruit, we played with friends. We went fishing and swimming in the River Ayeyarwaddy; at this time, we threw stones at the birds. No summer classes and we were happy. Today youths don’t have that sort of feeling as they have been grappling with summer classes. Children are not allowed to take a rest during a period of fierce competitions.

Letting them take enough rest
Parents naturally want their offspring to be outstanding, learned and progressive. But some parents regard their children as robots.
They are overburdened, making them concentrate on school lessons without getting in touch with the outside world. That is the reason why students should be allowed by parents to take enough rest during summer holidays.
Learning from lessons
Japan is a top country in Asia where children try to commit suicide due to stress and strain in their classes. Seventy teenagers are found daily to have thought of committing suicide; the main reason is related with educational problems. Children are being kept under pressure by their parents concerning with education; at the same time , they are also bullied by their classmates. The consequence is that Japanese children choose the wrong ways for being under stress and strain. So, parents should learn a lesson from the Japanese story.

Health Hazards
During summer holidays, children should be given enough time to rest and allowed to attend a suitable training which they are interested in. If they have to attend the classes successively, they are of no avail. Attending successive classes may create a serious health hazard for them. Children have grappled with schools, private tuition and roundtable classes throughout the whole year, growing tired mentally and physically. At this time, enough rest, playtime and recreation should be set aside for them in order to make fresh in mind and body. Parents are therefore urged to give their children a period of taking a rest, playtime and mental recreation even if not a complete rest.

Translated by Arakan Sein

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