Human rights issue should not be hijacked for political purposes

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While progress is being made toward resolving the complex problems in Rakhine State, the United Nations Security Council briefing by the chair of the U.N. Fact-finding Mission-FFM was held on 24 October.
We said repeatedly earlier that we objected to the establishment of the Fact Finding Mission because it is flawed, biased and politically motivated from its genesis and its report only half heartedly mentioned atrocities of the ARSA terrorist group.
The Union Government of Myanmar has resolutely rejected the International Criminal Court’s ruling because the Court’s decision is made on dubious legal grounds.
In fact, our country is conducting its own investigation. Myanmar will never accept any calls to refer it to the Court because the situation in Rakhine State in no way threatens international peace and security. The accusation is absurd and groundless. The report is full of prejudice, and totally unconstructive.
Sadly, we are witnessing the erosion of moral and institutional integrity of the United Nations as a result of the blatant attempt by some members of the Council to hijack the human rights issue for their political purposes.
UN should not get involved in country-specific human rights issues and the Security Council is not the appropriate place to discuss human rights issues.
Myanmar has demonstrated her willingness and ability to address accountability issues. Putting accountability above all else without regard to other positive developments will only result in untoward consequences.
Unilateral coercive measures without regard to the objective situation in Myanmar and imposition of politically motivated external pressure will be detrimental to the existing good will and cooperation of the Myanmar Government with the international community.
In dealing with the multi-faceted challenges facing our country as a nascent democracy, the Government of Myanmar places importance on working together with its regional and international partners, including the United Nations, adopting a fair solution-seeking approach.
In his UN Day message on 24 October, President U Win Myint reminded us that, “The value of the United Nations will be decided by how the organization and its member States utilize instruments at their disposal to promote peace, stability and harmony, and to mitigate harm and enmity. Objectivity, impartiality, professionalism, respect for national sovereignty- these are some of the keys to the success of the United Nations’ mission”.
On the same day he made the speech, hate speeches and provocations began to come right into the conference rooms of the United Nations where we should all work together for peace and harmony and for tolerance.
History will judge you for what you said and what you have done in the Security Council. The people of Myanmar, no one else, will decide their own destiny.

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