Hundreds of trucks stranded on Myawady-Kawkareik Asia Road

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Trucks are seen being stranded on the Myawady-Kawkareik Asia Road on 19 October.

Hundreds of trucks are stranded on the Myawady-Kawkareik Asia Road in Myawady Township of Kayin State after shootings occurred, truck driver Ko Tun Win Latt, who was stuck in the traffic jam, told the GNLM.
The fighting erupted starting from the evening of 18 October on Myawady-Kawkareik Asia Road and continued until the evening of 19 October.
“The cars cannot move anymore as the clashes occurred at Tawnaw waterfall. We drive in a row and cannot turn around but the private cars do so,” he said.
The entry and exit of vehicles on Asia Road are suspended and many trucks are also stranded at the No 2 Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.
These trucks depart from the Myawady border trade camp to transport products across the nation and are stuck at the No 2 Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge due to the clashes.
As the trucks are stranded for a long time, it can cause huge losses if they are loaded with perishable foodstuffs, said the merchants. “The entry and exit are closed and hundreds of trucks are trapped and it causes traffic jams. Some drive here as they don’t know the situation. When they arrive here and face traffic congestion, they return. Such happenings cause delays in goods flow. We don’t want the fighting anymore. Now, it was closed for two days. We don’t know how long they will suspend. If it takes certain months, the perishable products can make losses,” driver Ko Zarni Win told the GNLM.
In April, some trucks were set on fire while facing traffic jams after the fighting. — TWA/GNLM

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