Hybrid corn price increased due to lower production

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A storehouse for a huge supply of hybrid corn will have difficulty entering the market as prices rise due to low production.  Photo: MDN

The price of hybrid corn, known as the CP brand, in Yesagyo Township this year has increased nearly 50% from previous years because farmers lack the desire to grow the grain following the high production costs, according to farmers and brokers in Magway Region.
Farmers saw meager profits previous years because the price of the grain was decreased although their production costs were higher.
“Most farmers in our village grow chick peas this year because they are not interested in growing the hybrid corn strain because last year the farmers broke even and did not make any real profits,” said a farmer from Shwe Hlan village.
The price of corn recently is Ks.11, 500 for 18 viss. It was around Ks.6000 for 18 viss last year.
“The biggest animal feed factory is in Mandalay, so farmers mostly sell their corn to that factory.
If they try to import corn to China, they have to wait for buyers and have to pay brokerage fees,” said U Aye Ko, chairman of the wholesale center in Yesagyo Town.


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