I want the people to be open-minded, strong-willed, determined and united: State Counsellor

Annotation 2020 04 29 192614

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said she wanted the people to be open-minded, strong- willed, determined and united on her Facebook page yesterday. This was what she wrote:
Today, a COVID patient passed away. He was over 60 years old with an underlying disease.
Not only COVID disease, to protect oneself from any type of disease,but it is also important to have good health.
That is why we are endeavouring to make sure that the people have good health services from the cradle right up to the end of their lifespan.
By the way, let me say this. Yesterday after the end of the video conferencing session, I learnt that a donor came forward to pay for the repairs of the Kandawnadi hospital in Mandalay. This is in support of public health. Thank you.
As you all think about COVID related problems, I think you would also begin to appreciate a multitude of other challenges being faced by Myanmar.
Being a developing country, we have emerging problems in health, economy, and making sure that the progress we have already achieved in the education sector is not unduly affected; the matter of a great multitude of workers returning home; the prevention of COVID-19 disease in the IDP camps in many areas under ethnic armed organizations related to internal armed conflicts; and the situation in northern Rakhine which is still unstable.
Other challenges will not disappear just because the COVID disease emerged. We have to begin planning for the post COVID period. That is why I want our people to be open-minded, strong-willed, determined and united.
People are the key, isn’t it so? (Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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