Identity card for national verification in Rakhine to return

Those who still hold temporary identity certificates issued under the provisions of the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law are required to surrender their temporary certificates as they expired on May 31 2015, according to notification 19/2015 dated February 11, 2015 issued by the President.
Out of the 759,672 temporary certificates disbursed, only 469,183 have been surrendered. According to a news release by the State Counsellor’s Information Committee, the people who failed to surrender the temporary certificates include those who received other kinds of identity cards, those who lost their cards, those whose cards were ruined, those who died and those who failed to surrender the documents because they lived outside the region, according to State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee.
With effect from June 1, 2015, instead of those temporary certificates, the distribution of an Identity Card for National Verification was carried out in three categories. The main objective of distributing those cards was to scrutinize them as to whether they were entitled to become a citizen in accord with the provisions of the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law, and to acknowledge them as residents in Myanmar.
The three categories are mapping, posting buildings on the map and checking of number of people. As of December 23, 2016 out of 469,183 who surrendered the temporary certificates, 32,016 were given the Identity Card for National Verification.
Out of 397,497 who surrendered the temporary certificates in Rakhine State only, 6077 were given an ICNV, it was described in the information released.

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