If all the ethnic armed groups, participated, and cooperated in the Union peace process fully, Kayah State would be able to enjoy the fruits of peace quickly and to the full extent.

State seal of Myanmar.svg copyMessage of Greetings sent by President U Win Myint on the occasion of the
67th Anniversary of Kayah State Day celebrations
(15 January 2019)

Dear esteemed ethnic national Kayah brothers and sisters, citizens,
I deem it a great honor to be given this opportunity to send this Message of Greetings on the occasion of the 67th anniversary celebrations of Kayah State Day. I also send good wishes and Metta to all Kayah ethnic nationals living all across the Union and to all Union nationals to be blessed with good fortune and auspiciousness.
Kayah State Day has been celebrated since 15 January 1952 and we are now celebrating its 67th anniversary. It is a state where nine Kayah ethnic racial groups live. Other ethnic national races also live here in friendship and harmony.

Internal conflicts erupted in Myanmar for many years after the gaining of independence due to misunderstandings among ethnic nationals; and they had to suffer the brunt of internal conflict more so in the states where they live. As the bad result of these conflicts, State building and development works could not be done with full momentum and as a result, not only did we lag behind neighboring countries in political, economic, social and many areas, our dignity and prestige became tarnished in the international arena.
The Union Government has been working to achieve equitable development in the whole Union. In the Kayah State also, it has been working in many sectors such as transportation, education, health, human resources, electric supply, development of SMEs – small and medium enterprises, and eco-tourism. We built the Pha Saung bridge to cross the Thanlwin river, a border trading post was opened in Mae Sae township, and designated it as a sister town of Maehongsong in Thailand; we are also inviting foreign and domestic investments into this region.
Kayah State not only has the Lawpita hydro-electric power station which is important for national development, it has the Thanlwin river, Baluchaung, and Ngwe Saung dam. Furthermore it has many rivers, streams, waterfalls, mountain streams, and caves; also because it is blessed with such beautiful forests, mountains and scenic beauty, it is a state where eco-tourism enterprises can thrive.
In the past because of internal conflicts, the development of Kayah State has not been strong due to the fact that many difficulties were encountered in building infrastructure and administration.
Now armed conflicts have all but gone. Thus if all the ethnic armed groups, participated, and cooperated in the Union peace process fully, Kayah State would be able to enjoy the fruits of peace quickly and to the full extent.
At this time when freedom and openness prevails, the natural beauty of Kayah State with its forests and mountains has become a more popular and significant destination to local and foreign tourists alike for resting, relaxation and tourism. There are good potentials for increased investments, trade, commerce and tourism to come in from the border trading posts in the east from Thailand. For these good potentials to develop with high momentum, it is necessary to envisage how all of you wish Kayah State to develop, how all of you wish to see it, in the coming 20 years. All Kayah ethnic nationals including all ethnic armed organizations should think about this very seriously. Thus I wish to urge all of you to build peace as quickly as possible.
At this time when the Union Government is walking strenuously on the path of peace and equitable and harmonious development of the states and divisions, all ethnic national brothers and sisters in Kayah State should work hard, hand in hand in unity for the emergence of a peaceful and developed Kayah State. They should also ensure that the good foundations of peace and development already achieved are preserved and maintained. I am thus sending this Message of Greetings by urging all of you to join in with us in building the democratic federal republic which is the aspiration of all ethnic nationals and union citizens.

(Win Myint)

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