If the State economy is down, it will reflect political instability: Senior General

Only when growers, businesspersons and the government join hands in oil crop cultivation and oil production will the country have oil sufficiency in the not-distant future, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday morning at a meeting with entrepreneurs from UMFCCI and MSMEs in Yangon Region at Zeyathiri Beikman in Yangon.
Reports on requirements for the development of businesses
President of Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry U Zaw Min Win and businesspersons reported on the need of capitals at soft interest rate for operating the agriculture and livestock products and related businesses to have quick win in process, assistance for raising per-acre yield of summer paddy, prospect for greater development of production to increase export of ricewith the help of the government, the need of upgrading the brokerages for stabilizing the prices of goods at home, the need to adopt a precise policy for cultivation and production of edible oil crops in conformity with health standard, extension of terms for MSME businesspersons to pay back loans borrowed from the State in COVID-19 period due to their difficulties, supply of electricity for businesses, requirements of land plots and labourers for extending the industries, development of traditional medicines and garment industries, effective help for rubber production and fully supply of inputs for agricultural tasks.

Responses for reports in respective sectors
Union Ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Tin Htut Oo, U Hla Moe, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo, and the Yangon Region chief minister discussed efforts being made to obtain foreign exchange for the State, relevant organizations to raise awareness of businesspersons to have loans under the prescribed disciplines, the undertaking of economic development based on emerald green village project, systematic registration for MSME businesses in Yangon Region.
Instructions over reports
In his speech, the Senior General said that, as the government will fulfil the requirement for ensuring local oil sufficiency, oil crop growers and oil dealers need to actually carry out their respective tasks. Only when growers, businesspersons and the government join hands in oil crop cultivation and oil production will the country have oil sufficiency in the not-distant future. So, they will have to change their positions from oil importers to oil exporters in the production of oil to have surpluses.
The government is striving for electrifying the MSME industries and the businesspersons need to do so as well. The government allots land plots for MSME industries. If industries are operated on cultivable lands, the production of crops will decline. Hence, the government allows land plots for industries on vacant and virgin lands, not on cultivable lands.
Although all raw materials for livestock farms are located at home, they need to be of good quality. Livestock breeding must be more systematic than traditional one. Efforts are being made for ensuring the availability of inputs and quality strains of crops. Agricultural tasks need sufficiency of water, pesticides and fertilizers. It is necessary to use technologies to ensure a high per-acre yield and have quality raw rubber.
Encouragement for human resource development
The Senior General went on to say that as education is essential for life, encouragement must be given to education. Youths must be given the learning opportunity in conformity with their age. It is necessary to conduct technical and agricultural courses at basic education schools where private schools need to open relevant courses as much as possible.

Emphasizing improvement of the economic driving force
The increase in currency value is based on a larger gap between supply and demand and hiking prices of the commodities. A government needs to consider the economic development of the country. If the State economy is down, it will reflect political instability. Only when the economy improves will the State be stable.
Fuel, edible oil and electric power
Unscrupulous persons committed halting factories, threatening workers not to join workplaces and posing coercion to them. Although they attacked the banking system to be collapsed in various ways and means, the government prioritized efforts for the banking system not to be collapsed. Currency manipulators committed a decline in currency value and hiked prices for imported goods.
As fuel is imported on a yearly basis, the requirement for foreign currency is under restriction. To be able to reduce fuel consumption, it is necessary to implement the public transport systems by taking adequate time. Efforts are being made to generate electricity from nuclear energy while coordination is being conducted to use nuclear energy in the agriculture, health and education sectors.
Production based on agriculture and livestock farms
The government will consider the plan to allow the import of necessary raw materials by spending foreign exchange obtained from exportation. The government will arrange allotment of invested cash for seeking raw materials.
Livestock farming must be done with the use of high-yield strains to have greater benefits. It is necessary to achieve success in fish farming. As feedstuffs are sufficient at home, livestock farms can be operated with locally-made feedstuffs.
Tax-levying rate of Myanmar is the lowest among the ASEAN member countries. The government relies on income from taxes to carry out the development of the nation. Anyone may report to him if Myanmar’s tax rate is higher than international countries. Supervision is being carried out strictly for tax evaders. Businesspersons need to cooperate with the government for the development of the State economy.
Afterwards, the Senior General viewed round documentary photos on MSME businesspersons, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional products, gems, clothes and traditional medicines and discussed their market situations. — MNA

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