Illegal businesses in Bayintnaung brokerage compound to be cleared away

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Officials hold a meeting on cracking down illegal business in Bayintnaung Brokerage in Yangon.

Illegal businesses in the Bayintnaung Brokerage Compound will be removed under the projectaccording to Colonel Tin Aung Tun, Yangon Region Cabinet’s minister for security and border affairs, .
He added, “If businesses are found to run illegal businesses in the compound in launching an operation in cooperation with authorities concerned and those residing in the compound, they will be removed.”
In the brokerage compound, fire-prevention tasks, lessening traffic jams and removing illegal business shops will be carried out for three days starting January 16, it is learnt.
“There will be no need to launch such an operation if the police force and the city development committee carry out their respective duties. Illegal businesses will be arrested according to the prescriptions of rules and laws,” Col Tin Aung Tun said in a meeting with businessmen held in the brokerage compound yesterday.
Police Brig-Gen Mya Win said: “Success was achieved in an operation at the Thiri Mingalar Market. Now as well, the police force will increase its forces by adding another force.”
For the security of the brokerage compound, more than 170 members including police forces and personnel from Bayintnaung Brokerage Compound disciplinary team members are carrying out the affairs of the compound, it is learnt.
And due to the undisciplined parking, traffic jams are happening in the compound.
U Khin Hsai, chairman of the association of merchants and industrialist said, “Trucks and lorries are parked there, if they are not allowed to park here, or vice versa.”
There are 1,500 shops in the compound and about 1,000 trucks arrive and depart from the compound daily.
U Myint Oo, a member of the brokerage center development and discipline control board, said that in the compoundcold be found illegal massage rooms, drugs, gamblers, thieves and pick-pockets.
The Bayintnaung brokerage compound, situated on 75.194 acres, was inaugurated in 1990, playing an important role in the commodity flow of the Yangon Region.


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