Illegal drugs confiscated in Pobbathiri, Mohnyin, Mogok townships

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Arrestees are seen together with seized drugs.

A combined team of members of the Anti-narcotic Task Force searched the house of Zin Ko Ko (a) Thar Nge, who lived on Shwepyisoe road, Nawaday ward, Pobbathiri Township, on the morning of 24 November, and arrested him and La Pyae with 140 stimulant tablets.
According to the investigation, the police searched the house of Thet Wai Tun (a) Tayote Gyi, who lived on Ponenyat road, Nawaday Township, Pobbathiri Township on the same day and seized two kilogrammes of marijuana, 0.06 kg of heroin, 0.7 kg of ICE and 7,720 stimulant tablets.
In the evening, a combined team of members of the Anti-Drug Police arrested Ma Khin Cho Oo (a) Ma Cho with 12,600 stimulant tablets when her bike was stopped for a search on Bagan road, Ashaysu ward, Mohnyin. The police also confiscated 1,800 stimulant tablets from the bike of Ah Sar in Mogok Township.
It is reported that action is being taken against them under the law, according to the Myanmar Police Force. — MNA

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