Illegal fuel oil, timbers, foodstuffs, consumer goods and vehicles confiscated

L & R photos show confiscated illegal commodities in Sagaing Region.

A combined on-duty team nabbed 175 gallons of illegal 92 Octane and 630 gallons of artisanal fuel worth K5.124 million without official documents near the Kyaukka road in Monywa township on 15 August and action was taken under the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Law.
The on-duty teams conducted inspections on 18 August and impounded a Hino truck (approximately worth K40 million) that was parked at the Milepost 14/4 on Mandalay- PyinOoLwin-Lashio-Muse road, carrying a total of 5.311 tonnes of illegal teak, a Nissan diesel truck (estimated value of K30 million), headed to Mandalay from Muse, carrying three kinds of goods worth K8,254,600 including 1,300 kilogrammes of brand new car spare parts (Crown pinion sets) that exceeded the quantity mentioned in the Import Declaration (ID) at the Milepost 24/1 on Mandalay-Muse road. The action was taken under Customs procedures.
On 20 August, an on-duty team at the Saikkhaung combined checkpoint captured a Toyota Succeed car (approximately worth K20 million), travelling from Mongsat township to Namkyan village, carrying three kinds of goods worth K1.155 million, including 120 bottles of LEO beer without official documents. The action was taken under the Customs procedures. On the same day, the inspection teams at the Yepu permanent checkpoint seized 0.184 tonnes of gum-kino timbers worth about K552,000 near Naungsaing village. The action was taken under Customs procedures.
On 21 August, the combined teams seized a Hyundai bus (estimated value of K20 million), headed to Yangon from Kawkareik, carrying seven kinds of goods worth K8.567 million, including 240 cartons of Wai Wai instant rice vermicelli, 160 bottles of vegetable cooking oil and 40 child jean short pens near Waw township and a total of 8.636 tonnes of illegal teak, 1.861 tonnes of illegal hardwood and 1.156 tonnes of other illegal timbers worth K6,804,316 in Bago and Toungoo districts. The action was taken under Customs procedures.
Therefore, 13 arrests (estimated value of K146,299,648) were made on 15, 18, 20 and 21 August, according to the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee. — MNA/MKKS

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