Illegal goods, vehicles seized in various states/regions

Under the supervision of the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, illegal trade is effectively prevented and prosecuted in accordance with the law.
Combined task forces conducted inspections under the management of the Customs Department on 26 June and seized illegal porcelain tile and other products worth K50,126,958 from four containers at Myanmar Industrial Port.
They confiscated illegal goods, including 200 sets of split-type air conditioners and clear float glasses worth K226,453,005, from four containers at the Asia World Port Terminal cargo inspection station.
Likewise, officials seized 1,704 boxes of cylinder liner kit sets and auto spare parts worth K42,600,000, not mentioned in Import Declaration form . So, illegal goods worth totalling K319,179,963 were confiscated from the Myanmar Industrial Port area.
On the same day, combined task forces conducted surprise checks at Ywathagyi Dry Port. They found illegal items, including 400 sets of squatting pan toilets, 200 shower sets worth K33,409,424, one Isuzu Giga truck and one KIA van worth K75,000,000. Therefore, officials seized illegal goods plus vehicles worth totalling K108,409,424 at the same time.
Similarly, combined task forces carried out inspections under the management of the Kachin State Anti-Illegal Trade Special Task Force on 27 June. They seized illegal 13,440 gallons of diesel oil and three Nissan trucks worth totalling K319,824,000 at the Nantseeaung checkpoint in Mohnyin Township.
Thus, the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee reported 13 arrests on 26 and 27 June with an estimated value of K747,413,387. — MNA/KZL

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