Illegal teak, cosmetics, foodstuffs and vehicles seized

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Seized timbers.

Supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, effective action is being taken to prevent illegal trade under the law.
On 10 March, a combined inspection team under the management of the Rakhine State Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force conducted a combined inspection in An Township, and 55.2146 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated at K3,865,022) were seized and action is taken under the forest law.
Similarly, on 11 March, a combined inspection team led by the Myanmar Police Force conducted an investigation under the management of the Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force.
Illegal consumer goods without any official documents on one truck near the Attaran Bridge, cosmetics and foodstuffs (estimated at K14,125,000) and one Mitsubishi Canter vehicle carrying these items (estimated at K15,000,000) were seized and action is taken under the Customs Law.
On 13 March, a combined team led by the Region Forest Department, under the management of the Yangon Region Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force, conducted inspections in Taikgyi Township, northern Yangon District.
A total of 3.640 tonnes of illegal doors made of teak (estimated at K1,092,000) and one Canter six-wheeler truck (estimated at K35,000,000) and approximately K36,092,000 were confiscated and action is taken under the Forest Law.
In addition, under the management of the Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force, the Bago Township Customs Department led a surprise inspection between Nyaungkhashay-DaikU Road in Bago Region on 14 March.
One vehicle driving from Myawady to Toungoo was found to be carrying illegal food items (estimated at K2,380,000) and one vehicle carrying such items (estimated at K12,000,000), (approximately K14,380,000 in total) were seized under the Customs Law.
A combined inspection team led by the Region Forest Department reportedly seized 1.5232 tonnes of illegal timber (estimated at K256,664) in the forest reserve in Bago District under the Forest Law yesterday.
Therefore, a total of eight arrests (estimated at K83,718,686), were made on three consecutive days, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee. — MNA

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