Illegal teak, jades, consumer goods, industrial materials and vehicles seized

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Confiscated illegal commodities at Yangon International Airport.

The on-duty teams captured 23 kinds of goods (worth K8,907,940) including 555.5 kilogrammes of Tonyco Rocker machinery parts, 12,944 pairs of women’s autumn footwear (worth K51,776,000), four kinds of goods (worth K33,404,742) including 25,248 pairs of synthetic gents footwear, 16,488 pairs of lady slipper (worth K17,312,400), two kinds of goods (worth K25,502,400) including 28,920 pairs of VKC Pride synthetic footwear and 23,040 pairs of Lady’s SYN synthetic footwear (worth K19,353,600) without Import Licence from six containers at the Asia World Port Terminal container checkpoint on 18 May and 2,200 kilogrammes of cloth ribbon that exceeded the ID and 3,000 pairs of scissors (worth K10.62 million) that were not declared in the ID from two containers at the Myanmar Industrial Port Terminal container checkpoint and 215 Ashcorft steel water jugs (worth K788,970), five kinds of goods including 700 metal baking trays worth K11,047,820 and eight kinds of goods (worth K604,695) including 313 Ashcorft melamine paper photo frames that exceeded the 61 days of VPA from luggage at the Yangon International Airport (Import Desk) on 23 May. A total of 21 pieces of jade bracelets worth K2.1 million was seized.
A combined team seized three kinds of goods (worth K9,362,488) including 13,920 pairs of Lotus shower sandals that exceeded the ID from a Hino Profia lorry (estimated value of K30 million) heading from Myawady to Yangon near the Phayagyi tollgate on 23 May.
On the same day, a combined team composed of members of the Myoma Police Station in Sagaing Township captured a Hijet car (estimated value of K7.5 million) without official documents at the Yadanabon combined checkpoint. The action was taken under the Export and Import Law.
Afterwards, a total of 1.684 tonnes of illegal teak (worth K846,384) was captured in the Thayawady district on the same day. Therefore, 15 arrests (estimated value of K229,127,439) were made on 18 and 23 May, according to the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee. — MNA/MKKS

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